Just a conspiracy theory? Or “follow the money”?


I was struck by this message from Gab user ProGunFred yesterday.  Click the image below for a larger view.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he may be on to something.  Consider:

  • The actions of the Biden administration are so destructive to traditional American values and our country’s economy that they might as well be deliberately designed to destroy both.
  • International groups such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Economic Forum, and many others are behaving as if they want to undermine democracy and many traditional human rights, in order to impose what many call a “New World Order” upon the entire world.  They use that name to refer to it, and are quite unashamed and blatant in demanding a centrally controlled world economy and political control.  The same applies to many influential US institutions.  Foreign Policy magazine last year spoke of “The Anti-American Century” in approving tones, saying:  “The old U.S.-led order has crumbled. What will replace it may be just what the world—and the United States—needs.”  I don’t agree with what they put forward, but clearly many do.
  • China, with its rigidly centrally planned and controlled politics, economy and everything else, is a poster child for what these groups and forces are promoting.  Everyone is expected to “get with the program” and cooperate with the central authorities.  If anyone doesn’t, he or she will be stripped of access to banking, travel and other necessities, and refused the right to live in better-quality housing, unless and until he or she “repents” and does as they’re told.  The same punishment will be applied to their parents, sibling(s), spouse, children, etc. to provide additional coercion.  Are we not seeing the beginnings of such an approach in the USA as well, driven as much by “Big Tech” as by the administration?

Have the forces (internal and external) arrayed against the USA as we know – or, rather, knew – it, actually selected the next “winner” in the world economy, and are now actively trying to discourage or even destroy any alternative?  When I look at the deliberate electoral fraud that stole our November 2020 elections, and the economic and geopolitical consequences of that, and the chaos on our southern border, and the blatant partisan political theft of taxpayer funds that’s under way in Washington, and the way in which the Biden administration’s policies seem to dovetail with the IMF’s, the WEF’s, and others . . . I can’t help but wonder.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it sure makes you think, doesn’t it?  What say you, readers?  Let us know your opinion in Comments.



  1. "When I look at the deliberate electoral fraud that stole our November 2020 elections…"
    it's not just "they've" stolen the election, it's more that we've accepted the theft and everybody's still asking, "But what can I do about it?"

  2. And this what happens when central banks are allowed to run amok. As Jefferson said, 'central banks are more dangerous than standing armies.' I think it was Jefferson, but it's clear these corporate/banking interests own every damn thing of value in most countries.

  3. Peter as I've said before the USA has been sold to China for a Satrapy. The Deep State and their Disposable (see Como for example) Face People run (Down) our former Republic FOR the Chinese.

    Sun Tzu would be proud to defeat the Enemy with out a shot fired, just US Treasury Bonds RECYCLED into Congress Critters Wallets.

    The Chinese ALLOW the US Government to make harsh chatter at the Chinese to "Keep Face" with the civilians but nothing more. Kabuki Theater at it's best.

    EXPECT the full Chinese "Social Score" with banking-credit lockdowns to be carefully inserted into our system.

    Looking at the very PUBLIC stomp down of folks that "Dared" to "Insurrect" on Jan 6th it's a Propaganda Campaign to show who owns who.

    What you say can and will be used against you in the Kangaroo Court of Law.

  4. I believe that there is a group of people who would like to control the world and have great influence… I don't believe they actually DO control the world.
    I think they have a plan that they are trying to carry out, some of which is working and some of which isn't. As far as China goes, it's a pretty thin reed to rest your hand on
    In China, there is open talk about how the current government has messed up and that the government should have moved faster on the world stage as they developed. There is a feeling that the One Child policy went too far and the country is now rapidly graying as well as has become imbalanced between men and women. Modern China has always been a balancing act between regions and major forces – hence their HUGE internal security budget and why the central government keeps moving around military leadership. When you add in other problems, like desertification, lack of access to clean water, environmental damage from mines/ factories, territorial disputes with EVERY neighbor, rising costs where China is losing manufacturing to cheaper countries (for example inexpensive textiles goging to India, Burma, and Bangladesh), China isn't "the one" that many peple think it is.
    While there are those who WANT a "One World Government", there are large enough forces, especially outside of North America and Europe, to keep it from happening in any meaningful way.

    That isn't to say that the US is purposefully being dragged down to push "uppity" people into compliance; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK are far ahead of the US on this path and there are many forces pushing the US to be less unique.

  5. You know, you guys in the US have a much more fundamental problem in relation to the Chinese and the Saudis: they are US' biggest creditors and if OPEC, namely the Saudis decouple the oil price from the Dollar you are going to face hyperinflation as never before. Nixon's brainfart in repelling Brenton Woods is another screw-up which is hurting you now, 50 years later.
    Not that Nixon was the sole "genius" – the rest of the western world followed the same idiocy just to get the "quick-and-easy solution". Now everyone is in the same boat and since none have any idea how to solve the problem they keep pushing it to be solved by those coming after them.
    The problem is that the symptoms have become so hurtful, they are slowly and increasingly pressed for a solution right now, which they can't provide, so silencing everyone is just one patchwork they hope will allow them a little breathing room. Too bad it doesn't work this way…

  6. Trump biggest mistake was not firing everyone above a g6 pay grade.

    Every school teacher older than 20 should have been cashiered.

    That is what is doing this to us.

    Yes China has been selected to lead. Now we will see just how racist they are.

  7. @CGR710: That's right, and the Chinese are bidding to dethrone the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. They're also replacing the US as a favored customer for oil. Now that Harris/Biden are pulling the rug out from under US fossil fuel production and spending trillions of infrastructure money on the Green New Deal, what happened recently to 40% renewable Texas will happen to the rest of the country soon. Meanwhile, China controls nearly 50% of the world's lithium supply and is going after total dominance.

    When those loans are called, it won't be pretty and it won't be at a convenient time.

  8. Thee has always been a significant number of the populace who would rather be ruled than be free. Our problem is that they are now the majority.

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