Just goes to show: you can’t keep a good laugh down!

Some years ago, I posted this video clip from the Comedy Barn show.  It featured a man who just couldn’t stop laughing – and had the presenter and the audience in hysterics.

To my surprise and delight, I found a more recent video on YouTube showing another such incident.  It seems Comedy Barn attracts people like that.  Go figure!

Toooooo funny . . . and infectious!


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  1. I had that happen to me in a high school classroom setting. I was an aide to a blind person in a class and when I asked him the answer during a test, he replied "I already told you". For some reason, we both laughed and couldn't stop laughing. Teacher and classmates were staring at us which only made it worse – we had to leave the room. Don't know what triggered the response.

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