Just how many people are being killed or sickened by COVID-19 vaccines?


We saw last week how VAERS (the official US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) was reporting approximately three-quarters of a million adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination.  Of course, pending further inquiry, we can’t say that all of them are directly related to the vaccine;  but the odds are pretty good that many of them are, indeed, related.

Since last week, things have gotten worse.  Here are the numbers through October 15th, 2021 (click the image for a larger view).

Note the top left block:  17,128 as yet unexplained deaths following a COVID-19 vaccination.  Further investigations are needed, but it seems there’s already a strong correlation.

A recent analysis by researchers at Queen Mary University in London found that even in senior citizens, about 85% of deaths reported to VAERS were definitively, likely or possibly caused by the vaccine. Moreover, due to significant under-reporting, the true number of vaccine-related deaths may already be significantly higher, possibly in the range of 10,000 to 50,000 deaths in the US alone.

Indeed, despite very few covid deaths, there continues to be unexplained excess all-cause mortality in all US age groups below the age of 75, with all-cause mortality having reached record levels in age groups below 45 since the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

. . .

Below a certain age, covid-related mortality is so low that covid vaccines are bound to kill or severely injure more healthy people than they save. In the US, this age threshold may be close to 40 years, while in some Western European countries, it may be as high as 60 years (for healthy people).

It has been argued that vaccination against covid may at least prevent “long covid” or multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in children and young adults; however, new reports from Israel and the US indicate that, to the contrary, covid vaccines may themselves cause MIS as well as “long covid”-like conditions, often lasting for months or possibly even longer (see video below).

Going forward, three covid vaccine-related potential risks should be kept in mind:

1.  In addition to immediate adverse events (such as strokes and heart attacks), are covid vaccines causing cardiovascular damage that will become apparent only later?

2.  In the face of new immune-escape coronavirus variants, such as the Indian and Peruvian variants (delta and lambda), how long will vaccine protection last, especially in senior citizens?

3.  Once new coronavirus variants achieve full immune escape, will the very high levels of vaccine-induced, non-neutralizing antibodies cause antibody-dependent disease enhancement (ADE)?

There’s more at the link.

A very extensive and regularly updated analysis of internationally reported COVID-19 vaccine complications may be found here, if you want to go into the subject in greater depth.  It’s also worth noting the author’s earlier comment that “Scientists have estimated that adverse events occur at a rate many fold higher than what is reported in VAERS, since it is assumed that most adverse events are not reported through the tracking system.”  If that’s true – I don’t see how it could be confirmed or debunked in the absence of hard data and significant research – then the figures given above may be absurdly low, and the risks to health posed by COVID-19 vaccines may be very significantly higher.  (Note, too, the reference to “significant under-reporting” in the article excerpted above.)

I find it very odd that the medical profession and/or the news media are ignoring publicly reported, unexplained deaths among groups of people where the only common factor was that they had recently been vaccinated.  Two examples:

What’s more, Sweden and Denmark have just banned the use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in younger people due to “the increased risk of heart inflammation“.

Folks, I’m not a doctor, but I’m not stupid, either.  When I see so much correlation, I have to wonder about causation.  Are the currently available COVID-19 vaccines the “common factor” binding all these reports together?  Looking at those VAERS figures, it’s hard not to think so.  Just look at all fatalities reported to VAERS, for all vaccines administered in the USA, from 1990 until this week (clickit to biggit):

In case you’re wondering what new vaccines have been introduced over the past year or so, that might have caused that astonishing spike in reported fatalities . . . yes, those would be COVID-19 vaccines.

Back in 1976, the vaccination program for swine flu was abandoned after about 45 million doses had been administered, due to “an unexpectedly high number of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome … reported in vaccinated individuals. The vaccine was estimated to have caused approximately one Guillain-Barré syndrome case per 100,000 persons vaccinated, resulting in 53 deaths.”  That’s a hell of a lot fewer incidents and fatalities than we’re seeing after COVID-19 vaccinations, isn’t it???  If that 1976 casualty rate was sufficiently high to cause the suspension of the swine flu vaccination program, why aren’t the much higher figures for COVID-19 vaccinations having the same effect?

Follow the COVID-19 numbers from VAERS as they’re updated every week.  You’ll find them both frightening and eye-opening . . . and the mainstream media is utterly ignoring them.  It’s as if they don’t want us to know about them at all.  Ask yourselves why that might be.

You can lie by commission (i.e. deliberately saying something untrue) and by omission (i.e. deliberately omitting or obscuring truthful information that’s of critical importance and might undermine your position).  I get the very strong feeling we’re being lied to by omission, by the CDC, the FDA, and every other official body involved with COVID-19 (aided and abetted by politicians, the news media, social media censorship, and so on).  I put forward the evidence above to support my position.  If anyone wants to prove me wrong, have at it;  but you’ll have to produce even stronger evidence to overturn what’s already out there.

Friends, we’re being played for suckers.  Many of us realized this a long time ago.  For the rest of us . . . it’s long gone time we stopped being taken in.



  1. VAERS is known by the CDC to habitually underreport adverse reactions by a factor of at least ten. With the religious fervor of the Left, it is most likely underreporting by quite a bit more now.

  2. Spike at the end of the VAERS graph 1990-today makes me rethink my position about vaccination.
    But to use a source as Report24.com?????
    You wouldn‘t use a news channel operated by flat-earthers, satanists or pizza-gaters as a source for the discussion of, say, climate changes or any other scientific challenge, would you? That would be as asinine as basing a serious business decision on an opinion piece in the Weekly Newsletter of the Moldavian Communist Party…..

  3. With all due respect, even if every single one of the reported incidents in VAERS is actually vaccine-related, a dubious proposition at best, that would still leave the number of adverse incidents due to the vaccines as being considerably more than an order of magnitude less than the number of adverse incidents due to catching straight COVID. (Note: it may very well be that for people in low-risk groups, i.e. the young and healthy, the risk of adverse health effects from the vaccine is greater than that of COVID. This is more a function of COVID not being especially deadly to such people than it is the vaccines being especially deadly.)
    Also, when you have a sample size in the tens of millions, you will have weird coincidences.
    Sorry. I refused to be stampeded into panic by the MSM regarding COVID, and I refuse to be stampeded into panic by alternative media regarding the vaccines.

    1. With all due respect, bs, Tom.

      Neither you nor anyone else has any real idea how many (if anyone) died or had adverse reactions as you call it to this thing the Regime has dubbed Covid 19. We can't know because the powers that be have withheld, lied, and obscured that information from us.

      Let's look at the very foundation of this Scamdemic, the tests. The inventor of the PCR test said that it's not appropriate to use it for determining whether a person has the Wuflu or not. The CDC has told testing companies to stop using it as of December because it can't *distinguish between the Wuflu and ordinary flu types*. We know that the PCR tests have been corrupted by running them at cycles more than double the accepted rates– at rates that will yield positive results in soda, grapefruit, and about anything else you care to swab and test. So the test is essentially worthless. It was used purely as a way to hype the fear and sow panic. Obviously you were convinced.

      Now let's look at about the only stat that hasn't been corrupted, the all cause mortality figures. You presumably buy the lie that the Wuflu has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and hospitalizations and yet all cause mortality in 2020, the uear when supposedly over 500,000 people died of Wuflu saw only a 20,000 increase over 2019 (which was itself a slightly lower year for deaths). And magically, of course, 2020 saw the disappearance of flu deaths and dramatic drops in other categories.

      The truth is anyone who believes the Scamdemic is a sucker, fooled by propaganda and lies. Did some people die of a flu strain in 2020 and 2021? Yes. But it wasn't 500k or even 50k. This was a preplanned panic to oust Trump and bring in authoritarian measures to ensure the Regime retains power hereafter.

      Your refusal to be stampeded sounds awfully phony as you've embraced the MSM and political stampede on the Wuflu. Maybe you're just too proud to admit the jabs are the worst health disaster in history because you took them and you're such a smart guy. For everyone else, wake the $^$^@ up. The Regime is poised to start the next phase of jabbing children w this genetic poison. If you can't rise up and resist this then go ahead and buy your ticket for the cattle car now. You've earned it.

  4. @hdemand: It may be a "suspect" source, but it quotes other (possibly more authoritative) sources, and its claims are borne out by other sources, such as the one I provided. I do the best I can with what I have.

    @Tom: Fair enough. You base your reactions on the information available to you and your analysis of it. I'll do the same. Sadly, both of us can't be right about the present conundrum. I hope both of us make it through this crisis without suffering permanent damage to our health. However, despite having contracted COVID-19 twice, and being in several high-risk groups for it, I'm simply not prepared to accept that the vaccines against it are a worthwhile risk right now. YMMV, of course.

  5. Tom,

    Ask yourself this question:

    Why would so many nurses, first responders and pilots rather be fired instead of getting the so called "vax"? Why are so many of us, many with degrees, 6 figure jobs and pensions, be willing to lose it "all" than get the shot?

    If you don't trust the corporate media or any alternative media, whom do you trust?

    The CDC, big pharma, much of the health industry, the corporate media and the current crop of politicians don't have a great track record of truth. You only have to scratch the surface to find the lies and greed. Almost all of it is documented, not hearsay or conspiracy.

    Why do you trust these known liars, many which hate you and best just want to use you?

    Are you sure your name isn't Mark?

  6. I graduated med school in ‘89, 3 yr residency in Internal Med (all US) and am glad I’m at the tail end of my career. Politics finally poisoned medicine as it did decades ago in places like the Soviet Union. There, if you protested against communism, of course you were delusional and off to the psyche ward you went.

    Foundational pillars of medicine – The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, NIH and CDC -have been debased by their current leadership into political whores. Both journals had to retract a paper each – rare to see such formerly outstanding publications, even more rare that both retractions were in the same year, and exponentially more rare that both topics were about CoVid. As far as the NIH is concerned – Fauci, who has been getting wrong for 3 decades, and the CDC has proven itself beholden to political expediency.

    A true vaccine (the mRNA injections were formerly categorized as therapeutics more like an antibiotic) needs a track record which take years of monitoring and cannot be compressed. Why my colleagues are falling in line is likely economics. I have a family, mortgage and no other skills except medicine and the best I do is “I cannot recommend an experimental medication” and “it does not have a proven track record so I am not recommending it” to patients I do not know well. Those patients I have a long relationship “Fuck no, don’t do it”.

    I have not had one patient die- and about 75% of my patients are 65 or older. I’ve filled out several VAERS.

    Unfortunately, I am looking forward to retirement. Previously, I joked with my wife that I would have a beautiful death if I died (many years from now!) walking from one exam room to the next. Now, I crunch numbers every few months on my retirement accounts and look forward to the day I go Gault.

  7. In my humble opinion this article in American Thinker today is a timely reminder that the rules of the game have changed.


    Pay close attention to the last two paragraphs.

    This follows on the heels of this article in Desert Review … which I also commend to your attention:


  8. I got my shots from Moderna back in Jan and Feb, no problems. Of course, it helps to be in a rural area with no close neighbors…

  9. @CheezusCrackers: I haven't seen that much male bovine excrement and hot air in one place since I looked in a cow byre.
    Let's start with your claim about the lack of excess mortality. Here's a comparison of the expected number of deaths in 2020 and 2021 and the number of people who have died. https://www.usmortality.com/excess. And, of course, every single state health department and hospital has been suborned by the ever-mysterious "they".

    The rest of your post is impotent hot air.

    Keep reeing. Some of us refuse to live in fear.

  10. If anyone doubts the VAERS numbers, they are welcome to parse the official government site. They are correct.

    Further, with the EUA for kids about to pass you can expect to see child deaths begin next week. Those will not be hushed up. After a couple thousand or more die, there may be a ray of sanity, but I doubt it.

    Those who vax themselves and their children will reap what they sow, and I have no pity or compassion for them; even the children. They will be the future SJW, the future unthinking brute, and the future virtue-signaling useful idiot. They are the future soldiers that will be used against you.

    So stay strong, and refuse the vax. Homeschool or die is not rhetoric.

  11. Oh, and Sam L, you aren't vaxxed.

    No third dose or booster (and yes, your third dose is not your booster), so if you died today you're not vaxxed.

    Keep in mind death and disability side effect chances are 1 in 100 or more at the moment, and it goes up with each shot.


  12. "Just how many people are being killed and sickened by COVID-19 vaccines?"

    Probably all of them.
    Check back in 40 years, and I'll show you.

  13. @Tom Regarding excess mortality, please keep in mind that those "excess deaths" are based on a model of expected deaths. So those excess deaths could be COVID or they could be a flaw in the classification or they could be a flaw in the model.

    Plus, there are a lot of oddities in the underlying data from the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS). For example, suicide deaths in 2020 were lower than the previous four years. Yet we were told about all those pandemic suicides! Does that sound right?

    Suicide Deaths
    2015 44,193
    2016 44,965
    2017 47, 173
    2018 48,344
    2019 47,511
    2020 44,834

    Also, influenza deaths in 2020 were not notably down. Yet we were told the flu had disappeared! Does that sound right?

    Influenza and Pneumonia Deaths

    2015 57,062
    2016 51,537
    2017 55,672
    2018 59,120
    2019 49,783
    2020 53,495

    The Leading Causes of Death in the US for 2020
    March 31, 2021

    No doubt you know the old saw about lies, damn lies, and statistics.

  14. @montanagoose,

    You know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to know you don't know what you're talking about.

    Case in point:

    "Deaths From Flu And Pneumonia"

    Hate to break to you, but that's like listing
    "Gun deaths from suicides and accidents"
    "Deaths from hart attacks and face-sucking aliens"
    "Total Sightings of bears and Bigfoot"
    "Total number of honest and dishonest congressmen"

    It's horse-and-chicken soup, man.
    One horse, to one chicken.

    Last year, flu deaths were damned near single digits. They were absolutely drastically down.

    Almost like shutting down half the economy, all schools, washing with metric buttloads of hand sanitizer, wearing snot masks, and social distancing might have had some wee effect on normal annual epidemiology, as if Pasteur, Lister, and Semmelweis might have been onto something with that whole Germ Theory hypothesis.

    Pneumonia deaths last year, by total contrast, were astronomical, and overwhelmingly from atypical bilateral diffuse pneumonia, from COVID-19. I carried the bodies to the morgue, and I saw the chest X-rays, so if you can explain how all those real people fake-died from the fake-illness all with the same syndrome of respiratory fluid overload and respiratory failure, like hasn't happened once in my 25 years as a nurse, or 30 years in the medical field, or my entire lifetime since birth, or yours, you go right on ahead and explain it.

    Show your work.

    Failing that, let's maybe all leave the black helicopter/chemtrail conspiracy theories to the tinfoil millinery whackjobs.

    The actual truth is frightening enough.

    Just a suggestion, mind you.

  15. If anyone doubts the VAERS numbers, they are welcome to parse the official government site. They are correct.

    Not exactly. VAERS has been documented since its inception many decades ago to underreport adverse effects. A recurring theme is that reports vanish into thin air; when the parents or physicians who make a report check VAERS for it, it isn't there.

    Medical practitioners are supposed to make reports, but there are several disincentives to doing so and no penalties for failure to make a report.

    A common estimate is that VAERS reports about 10% of the adverse effects that occur. Some of the unreported effects are severe. By now it's safe to assume that that is by design.

    VAERS is supposed to be the surveillance system that alerts the US medical community to possibly significant events. It is not designed to be the repository of definitively proven adverse events.

    Once a vaccine is licensed by the FDA, the ultimate study population for its safety is the general public. If you collect the data. We do so very, very poorly.

  16. @Aesop I didn't make the categories. As far as I know, flu and flu-induced pneumonia have always been combined in those reports. And unless they are really starting to screw with the categorization, it should be flu and flu-induced pneumonia in the flu and pneumonia column and COVID and COVID-induced pneumonia in the COVID column.

  17. I repeat, it's a worthless category. I don't care how long they've done it. it deliberately eliminates any meaningful comparison year-to-year.

    Influenza is influenza.
    Pneumonia is pneumonia.

    It's like listing death numbers by combining lightning strikes and gun deaths in Chicongo.

    There's no reason to conflate one stat into the other, so doing it is more lying with statistics.

    It's exactly this level of statistical analysis:
    Q.:How many people does it take to get on a train traveling at 60 mph from New York to Washington D.C.?
    A.:Wednesday. Because ice cream has no bones.

    The CDC has a Ph.D. in that.

  18. @Aesop My whole point is that the NVSS data, categories, and model are flawed, so I don’t understand why you are complaining to me? I have long know about the problem of combining deaths from the flu and pneumonia. From what I understand most of those deaths are from pneumonia and not from the flu itself? Regardless, that combined number of 53,495 is not notably down from the six year average of 54,445. So that is odd. Very, very odd. Of course, the 2020 data is still provisional data, subject to revision, so we shall see about the finalized numbers.

    And again the COVID category includes all deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 coded to the ICD. So COVID pneumonia deaths should have no bearing whatsoever on the flu and pneumonia category. So we have a few options: 1) deaths from the flu and flu-induced pneumonia haven’t changed, 2) deaths from the flu are down but deaths from flu-induced pneumonia are up, 3) deaths from the flu and flu-induced pneumonia are down but deaths from COVID pneumonia are being incorrectly coded as deaths from flu pneumonia, or 4) the data is otherwise FUBAR. Which is it? Who knows, but again it is odd.

    Given all that,
    The NVSS report states that “COVID-19 was reported as the underlying cause of death or a contributing cause of death for an estimated 377,883 (11.3%) of those deaths (91.5 deaths per 100,000)” in 2020. Is that number even remotely accurate? And how many are underlying versus contributing? I don’t know. You don’t know. And more so, @Tom doesn’t know. And THAT is the problem. As our host has well noted, it is hard to get good numbers. So we all agree on that.

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