Kids being kids – and so much for COVID-19!


It seems schoolkids in Britain have found a new way to exasperate, flummox and irritate The System over there.  The BBC reports:

Children are always going to find cunning ways to bunk off school, and the latest trick is to fake a positive Covid-19 lateral flow test (LFT) using soft drinks. [Videos of the trick have been circulating on TikTok since December and a school in Liverpool, UK, recently wrote to parents to warn them about it.] So how are fruit juices, cola and devious kids fooling the tests, and is there a way to tell a fake positive result from a real one? I’ve tried to find out.

First, I thought it best to check the claims, so I cracked open bottles of cola and orange juice, then deposited a few drops directly onto LFTs. Sure enough, a few minutes later, two lines appeared on each test, supposedly indicating the presence of the virus that causes Covid-19.

There’s more at the link, including a long and involved explanation of how the tests work.

What I’d like to know is how many COVID-19 tests have been faked in this way by employees wanting paid time off work, or trying to get government unemployment benefits due to their “illness”?  I suspect it may be more than a few.

Schoolchildren, on the other hand… kids are going to be kids, whether we like it or not!  Ingenious little so-and-so’s, aren’t they?



  1. Too many. Back when they were still some realistic reports on the testing, it was going something like 40% false positives and 30% false negatives.

    And one test can be defeated by soda? Next you'll hear is soda can defeat the Covidiocracy.


    Even the CDCs, after the stolen election in November last year, said actual deaths from Covidiocracy were 5-6% of the reported numbers of overall deaths. The rest were deaths with Covidiocracy antibodies. So you get dead motorcycle crash people who died 'from Covidiocracy complications.'

    Double Yeesh.

    Of course, the same people who said the stolen Election wasn't stolen, the same people who said being invited into the Capital building was an attempted coup, are the same ones saying so many people 'died from the Covidiocracy.'

    Makes you wonder if anything we hear is true. ANY THING!

    Like the stupid storm in Florida. Yesterday, looking at a national weather site and it was showing severe rain overhead of my location. Stick my head out the door and… nada. 15 minutes later, drizzle outside and the website shows no rain.

    Is there anyone out there in the eneMedia reporting the truth about anything anymore?

    Distrust and Verify. It's the only way to be sure.

  2. Beans: "Is there anyone out there in the eneMedia reporting the truth about anything anymore?"M
    If it/they were, they wouldn't be the enemedia, would they?????

  3. Those youngin' get a hearty thumbs-up from me. I see independence, intelligence and creativeness with a good dose of mischievousness. And nobody got hurt!

  4. As for me, if I got the Chinese virus I'd lie and say I had a cold. Take a couple days off work and then back with none of the "quarantine" nonsense. So I guess I'm 180° off the norm.

    I also refuse to take a test to see if I have already had it at some point. If I pop up with anti-bodies they'll send me home for two weeks. Because they are retarded like that. F that.

  5. Kids and employees figured this out months ago:
    They were buying the Hothands pocket hand warmers, and applying them to their foreheads before coming to work for their worthless thermoscan upon entry.

    "102º Bucko, 2 weeks at home for you!"

    And Beans, please, stop riding the "motorcyclist counted as COVID" covidiocy. That hobby horse broke a few tons of weight back.

    You want to talk about a 5-10% padding rate? Okay, I'll buy. So you've whittled 600,000 deaths down to 540,000.
    Which only makes it 7-27 times worse than annual influenza.

    But you're not going to extrapolate that one bare example into accounting for 600,000 deaths.
    You couldn't fly that excuse with a flying carpet.
    Please, stop trying.
    You're better than that.

    To the contrary, the fact that the motorcycle accident attempt was called out, publicly, and in the enemedia, in 0.2 seconds, points out the fact that there aren't 200,000,000 co-conspirators all parroting the lie.

    And yes, the tests suck.
    Always have, always will.
    Until they don't.

    So now, you only have to explain the sudden die-off of a few hundred thousand people, all with the same symptoms, the same clinical presentations, and in a manner completely unprecedented since at least 1918, including the initial 40 people all associated with one single care facility in Seattle, where the first deaths were recorded.

    To explain that number of coincidental sudden deaths away, you'd have to be Hillary Clinton's press agent.

    I beg you, desist while you're ahead here.
    Heading into black helicopter/chemtrail territory isn't helping anyone, and it's never a good look.

  6. I'm less concerned by the incidents like the motorcycle accident reported as covid, and more concerned by the reports coming out of some areas in the last couple months where they're lowering the Covid specific death toll because of "with covid" deaths being combined into the "of covid" deaths. A few percent wouldn't make me blink. But at least one report was 24%, which is a healthy chunk.

    Or that at least a few hospitals were testing all kids in the hospital and reporting "hospitalized with covid" for all positive tests, even if the kid had no symptoms and was there for a broken arm or the like. With numbers being adjusted by something like 40%.

    Now I'll admit that I haven't followed up on those reports, I don't have time. But THOSE sorts of numbers are high enough to make me wonder just how good the nationwide reporting really was, and just how well they were REALLY separating the "of covid" from the "with covid". But I don't especially believe its a big conspiracy. Just stupidity, and "hey we can get away with" and not realizing the stupidity there of.

    The kids spoofing the tests just makes me laugh though. THAT doesn't surprise me at all. And yup, its only going to add to the frustration!

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