Kitten antics

Our new farm kitten, Smoky in polite company (but Ashbutt to family), is having the time of his life settling in to his new home.  Shy and retiring, he ain’t!

We’ve always fed our cat the best food we can afford, regarding it as an investment in her health and happiness.  Now that we have to feed two cats, we naturally looked to see what that brand offered.  They have a ‘Cat & Kitten‘ food that seemed promising, so we ordered a bag.  (Hint:  their prices for smaller bags are often much higher, pound for pound, than their larger bags.  It pays to look at all the sizes they offer, compare the price per pound, and buy accordingly.)

Our adult cat, Kili, was quite happy to make the switch;  but Ashbutt, the kitten, who’d been used to cheap barn cat food, was ecstatic.  He’s growing almost by the day, his fur is longer and sleeker than ever, and he has so much energy we’re seriously considering whether we made a mistake in buying that high-quality food for him!  Kili is seriously discombobulated by having a rambunctious kitten underfoot at every possible opportunity, and still hisses at him;  but she’s tolerating him closer to her all the time.  I give it a couple of weeks before she starts playing with him.

Ashbutt has taken to plastic-coated springs with enormous enthusiasm, regarding them as needing to be killed at every possible opportunity.

He also attacks the broom when we sweep the floor, clinging to it and biting it furiously (ignoring the dust bunnies that get attached to his fur).  As for one of us passing the sofa when he’s lying on it, that’s an invitation for him to jump on us;  and when we go to bed, it’s less to sleep than to share an exciting kitty adventure!  He’s having the time of his life.  Miss D. finds it a bit exhausting, but I must confess, I’m enjoying his sheer, overflowing joie de vivre.

I’m glad we brought Ashbutt home from Blogorado.  He’s helping to keep us young.



  1. In other words, you've created a MONSTER…LOL That whole cute/cuddly thing was just a plot to get in the door…

  2. Check out the website for pet supplies. Their prices are really good, they carry all the high-quality foods and if you auto ship you can save up to 30% off pet store prices. Delivery is also free for orders around $40 or higher.

    You've got a cute cat there, enjoy!

  3. Great looking feline!

    Don't take this the wrong way but I hope its stupid. I say that because stupid cats are WAY more fun than smart ones.

    That is also one of the best names I heard in a while.

  4. I don't know. I always enjoyed our smartest cats, although Havelock-cat who is developmentally disabled and froze at 12 weeks of age is a lot of fun. Forever kitten!
    Sarah Hoyt

  5. If you drink wine from bottles with corks, give Ashbutt some corks to play with. Ours loved chasing after them if we threw them and would behave in a very doglike way and retrieve them for us to throw again

  6. @Rich P: We already have one. Risk? We know whereof you speak – especially at 2 a.m., when one or the other cat decides they want to play with it!

  7. Cheap cat toys:

    Milk jug rings have always been a favorite toy for any and all cats that have ever been part of our family. They do tend to get lost under the refrigerator, though…I remember finding dozens last time we moved the refrigerator. A zip tie, threaded through to form about a 2" circle and then trimmed, is a good substitute.

    A hand-sized wad of tightly-crumpled aluminum foil

    And, yeah… no argument on the cute factor of that kitten!

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