Knock, knock, knockin’…


A tip o’ the hat to Australian reader Andrew for sending me the link to this video, showing how a “roof-knocker” (a noise-making device with little real explosive power) is used by the Israeli Air Force to alert the occupants of a building that they’re about to target it for real.  They allow enough time for everyone to evacuate the place and get clear, so as to avoid civilian casualties, then hit it with the real thing.

This video shows them attacking the Hamas security force HQ in Rimal.

They could play a soundtrack to that noisemaker.  “We’re knock, knock, knockin’ on your roof – and if you don’t take heed, you’ll soon be knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door!”



  1. I get that Israel might be trying to look "civil" in eye of world public opinion, but I take a different tack. Hamas doesn't give warning before they attack .. reciprocate in kind .. when a Hamas outpost / stronghold is located, obliterate it, and all those inside, with extreme prejudice.
    – Brad .. aka Jewish Deplorable

  2. "I am a 10 second bomb, 9, 8, 7, I LIED BOOM!!"

    Robert Heinlein a sage writer indeed. The Notebooks of Lazarus Long would along with the Book of Proverbs 31 Chapters of wisdom do you well when things get spicy.

  3. @Brad in IL:

    Same page.

    I've often proposed my own peace plan:

    For ever mortar, level a building.
    For every rocket, level five buildings.
    For every tunnel, ten buildings around the opening (as determined by tech / ground penetrating radar, etc.).

    As long as the Fakestinians have hope they can win, they will persevere.

  4. what Sheridan did in Northern Virginia during the War between the states.
    when the locals kept disrupting the railroad supply line he threatened and then did level every house and barn within 10 miles of the railroad. later had to increase it to 20 milwa. still did not work.

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