Lawdog has a voice!

Last year, my buddy Lawdog published two volumes of his memoirs.  The first, “The Lawdog Files“, dealt with his law enforcement experiences.  I wrote about it at the time, here and here.  The second, “The Lawdog Files:  African Adventures“, dealt with his upbringing in Africa, and added a few more modern stories to his tally.  I had the honor of writing the foreword for that volume.  I discussed it here.

Now an audiobook version of “The Lawdog Files” has been released – and it’s gone straight to #1 in’s “Business & Professional Humor” category.

I repeat what I said about this book last year:

I can’t recommend ‘The Lawdog Files’ too highly.  Miss D. and I have been part of the friends-and-editors process in bringing it to life, and we’ve found ourselves howling with mirth at frequent intervals while reading excerpts.  Be careful where you read it.  As many early reviewers have pointed out, explosive bursts of laughter are guaranteed!

If you’re looking for an easy-listening audiobook with lots of laughter, you won’t do much better than this.



  1. Nevermind, Lawdog confirmed on his own site that he did not, in fact, narrate his own work.

    So I will be forced to substitute reading the dead-tree editions, and simply substituting Sheriff Langston's voice in Silverado for Lawdog.

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