Lawdog is back in the blogosphere

Old NFO, Miss D. and I have been working on our buddy Lawdog to get back into blogging and see about producing his Lawdog Files in book form.  I’m pleased to report that the first, at least, has been achieved.  Click over to his blog to see his resurrection, so to speak.

As for the book, we’ll continue to work on that.  I think he might have a bestseller on his hands if he reworks his material to adapt it to book format.  If you, like me, have enjoyed his tales over the years, please encourage him to keep at it.  We’ll do our bit by nagging supporting his efforts from this end.



  1. He says, "Bug you."
    You say, "Bug him."

    Logic like that will soon get us tiger butter.

    All I want to know is, where do I send my money?

  2. Peter, you'll be doing us all a great service if you can get him to publish.

    He'd have a guaranteed customer in me.

  3. And here I'd thought that he had been promoted to a level of management at which he was forbidden to speak in public without express permission from a higher up elected official.

  4. If you could get him to writing for publication, he might not need his current gig for income. Of course, medical costs might be an influence, though.

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