Lawdog opines on the Rittenhouse trial


From our mutual friend Lawdog:

“How many Constitutional violations have happened in the Rittenhouse trial so far?”

“Umm, Fifth and Thirteenth.”

“Thirteenth? What?”

“Yeah, the prosecutor got owned so bad that the Confederacy wants a do-over.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Coke Zero through the sinuses hurts.

What can I say except, “The Dawg does it again!”



  1. BadFrog, for values of book, he had one published yesterday. Like the Lawdog himself, it's a little odd. Taskforce CHIWEENIE and the Poultry Liberation Front can be found at Amazon currently.

  2. As Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, once again it’s a great time to reflect on what we have and to be thankful for, rather than what we are pissed off about, In these past Eleven months for many, sadly there has not been much for us to be Happy about, And even less Happy when we think about the past 2 years when so many of us lost Loved Ones, and lost businesses, unemployment, we went through so many harsh restrictions with no basis in science, and no need to have done such as worry about Shutting Down all of our Restaurants, Stores, Hair Salons, Gyms, the Supply Chain Issues, Open Borders and the Uncontrolled Entrees of “Illegal Refugees” who are draining what little we have to offer our own Citizens, the Rising Crime in our Towns, and Cities, and Sanctuary Cities, Rioting, Looting, the indoctrinating of our Kids in Our Schools, Labeling Our Citizens as “Domestic Terrorists”. Many of us have not had the luxury of working from home, affording the never -ending Rising Costs of Groceries, Gas and Other Essential Items, the need to be constantly keeping tighter tabs on what exactly their kids are being taught. Many of us have NOT had the Luxury of being able to live in Gated Communities that are free of the rising crime brought on by being soft on crime legislation and the influx of illegals and so called refugees from third world countries. Many of our Citizens lost their family business due to double standards while the liquor store and abortion clinics were open. Many risked COVID exposure to stock their shelves, take out our trash, deliver our mail, serve us in restaurants, etc. And even to work in Hospitals. They continue to struggle to afford basic necessities due to the ever rising costs in Joe Biden’s economy. They had to struggle to balance work and having their kids learn from home as they can’t afford to miss work but needed childcare unlike the many who were able to work from home..
    However, even in those darker times, there can still be things to be thankful for, and it’s not always about being thankful for things, but rather the values we were raised with, opportunities we still have, our ability to get through tougher times. . In many ways, we as conservatives, are privileged. Not in the way the Left likes to define it,, but in our values, our ideals and our drive to make this country Great again. Great as it was only 10-11 months ago.
    Regardless of what jobs we have, and whatever we had to do, we did it. And we faced whatever it took this past year and the year before. So, I am thankful for having my friends and family who went through this mess, and Let us hope that the country becomes Great Once Again, and that we get rid of this PLAGUE and be the Best in the World once again. And at the same time get Rid of this Commie Administration that is ruining this Great Nation.

  3. The prosecution seems to be doing the Defense's job for them, but I'm still far from certain justice will done. The Death Cult will not settle for anything less that Rittenhouse's head. They are already trying to intimidate and tamper with the jurors, so it might take a jury of saints to acquit and exonerate Rittenhouse. We are in our current pickle because we have a severe shortage of civic and personal virtue, so I am not confident.

  4. I would argue that Lawdog left one out – recall the 2 months incarceration and the $2M bail?

    I would propose that both the prolonged incarceration and the extremely high bail violated the 8th amendment as well


    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    While this specifically applies to Federal Courts, I'd love to see it pressed against the State of Wisconsin in this instance – as a civil rights violation 'under color of law.'

  5. Cedar, on seeing the book, your description is beyond accurate. Thank you. That's a Christmas present for my Brother-in-law sorted.

  6. Book ordered!
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Just out of curiosity I would love to hear about the OPSEC and permits required to get Cedar and Lawdog together long enough to write the book…and if chicken-fried steaks with a sides of gravy and adult beverages were involved.
    I would wager that the per diem for the NSA geeks who monitored communications did not come close to covering their anti-acid and migraine med expenses. I can see them running the book title through their crypto section, because with Cedar and Lawdog collaborating something must be in the works.

  7. Thank you for the heads up ref Lawdog's book. Ordered.

    Thank you for the report ref Vancouver.

    Interesting times loom!

    Leggo Brandon!

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