Lawdog Volume 2 is on the way!

Following the smashing success of the first volume of The Lawdog Files, Castalia House is responding to overwhelming public demand (as expressed in the reviews) and accelerating the publication of Volume 2:  ‘The Lawdog Files – African Adventures‘.

Click the image above to be taken to the book’s pre-order page on Amazon.  It’s already (as I write these words) ranked at 3,095 in the Kindle Store (out of well over 5 million items for sale there), and it’s still almost three weeks before publication!  I predict another runaway best-seller for the Dawg.

We might also see a Volume 3 of The Lawdog Files before long, depending on how many readers keep on screaming for more.  Castalia’s very good like that – they’re small enough to ‘turn on a dime’, so to speak, and interrupt their existing schedule to respond in a hurry to reader demand, yet also big enough to have all the staff and skills needed to get a new book published very quickly.

Stand by for loud cackles of laughter from all sides on August 10th!



  1. Yes. The print edition of the first volume is currently pending, and should be out very soon – probably by the time Volume 2 hits the Kindle Store. The print edition of Volume 2 will be taken in hand as soon as the manuscript is finished (also pending). Castalia's mounting a full-court press to get the print editions out as quickly as possible, in response to reader interest.

  2. Yippee! I'm rationing myself on the first volume: one story a day. The African stories should see me through August.

  3. Pre-order out.

    I'm thinking that paper copies of the first book will be Christmas presents this year for family members who've spent time working in law enforcement.

    Though he tells it better, I've heard similar stories from the US based folks. But I do wonder how my two ex-Hong Kong cop brother-in-laws will process Texas law enforcement, LawDog style.

  4. @Tempest01: Plans are afoot. It'll take time, because finding the right narrator is a headache, but it'll happen.

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