Lawdog’s adventures in Africa!

I’m delighted to report that the second volume of the Lawdog Files, “African Adventures“, is now available.

I think it’s even better than the first volume, which roared up the sales charts all the way into the top 100 books in Amazon’s Kindle Store, and #1 in several categories.  At present it’s available in an e-book version;  a print edition will follow very shortly.

Lawdog’s included a number of new stories in this volume, which will be welcomed with open arms by his many fans.  A short while ago, I mentioned an Independence Day celebration in the African bush.  Here’s another excerpt from that tale.

But, the real crescendo, was when the barrel that had cartwheeled into the jungle detonated.  And the jungle disgorged a veritable horde of olive baboons who proceeded to charge Wee Jock, the slit trench, and all the engineers behind it.  And whose fur was still smoking.

So.  We have fifty or so angry, recently-flaming monkeys, charging across an open five acre field.  Behind them, explosions are going off, tyres are arcing high through the air, rockets are shooting across the field, and tracers rounds are being fired damned near straight up.

And in front of this simian horde, one little Scotsman, clutching his bagpipes protectively with one hand, shaking his other at the on-coming Anthropoid Death, and screaming (I quote) “WHARGARBL!”

And then engineers started raining down into the trench, because I’m here to tell you:  baboons are Bad News.  Baboons that you’ve just tried to incinerate — probably worse.

Oh, yeah . . . Lawdog at his best!

I really can’t recommend this book too highly.  I’ve read it a dozen times, what with having written the Foreword for this volume;  yet I still find myself laughing out loud at some of the stories.  Hysterically funny reading!



  1. Lawdog should of put a warning on the first page about not reading this book in bed next to your sleeping wife as hysterical laughter will get you banished to the couch!

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