Lawdog’s not the only cop with interesting memories

Having worked with and alongside law enforcement personnel for some years, both in South Africa and the USA, I’ve learned to enjoy their stories of the seamier side of life, the universe and everything.  They tend to develop a grim, hard-boiled humor that helps them keep their sanity when dealing with the dregs of society and those who regard the rest of us as prey to feed their predatory instincts.

PawPaw is an interesting example.  He’s a Louisiana lawman who sometimes shares tales of his experiences (although not nearly as often as I’d like).  Yesterday he shared a giggle-worthy account of a parole supervision incident back in the 1980’s.  Click over there and read it for yourself.  If you’d like more, why not leave a comment asking for it?  If we can get more ‘Lawdog Files‘-type stories from the good cops among us, we’ll all be more cheerful for it.



  1. One day, A&E needs to put you, Lawdog, PawPaw, OldNFO, and AD around a table in a bar just outside the main gate at any military post in the world and just let the camera roll.

  2. I love stories from the old days of policing. Some of my grandfather's stories from the 50's, 60's and 70's were great. Same with the old guys in the departments I used to work for. Don Parker put out a couple of funny books like "You're Under Arrest, I'm Not Kidding.." and "Officer Needs Assistance, Again".

    A few months before my parents met, my Dad actually met my maternal grandfather at the Zip to Zap. My dad was there barbecuing on the mayor's front lawn (with the mayor) and my grandfather was there as part of the extra law enforcement brought in to shut down the partiers.

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