Let us give thanks

I’m sure many of us have worries, problems or hassles that tend to weigh us down.  However, today, let’s put them aside, and be thankful for our many blessings.  In particular, if you live in one of the so-called ‘developed nations’, remember that many of your problems pale into insignificance compared to those who live elsewhere.  There are literally millions of people in the Third World who’d cheerfully commit murder in order to live the lifestyle of the poorest of the First World poor.  That’s how much better off we are.

I’m thankful for the grace of God, for my wife, for my friends, for my relatively good health despite a partly disabling injury some years ago, for living in a free country . . . for so many things.  It’s good to remember them all on a day like this.  It’s not just about the turkey and trifle.

Whoever and wherever you are, may you have much for which to give thanks, and may your celebrations be joyful.



  1. Giving thanks is an exercise in gratitude. Gratitude seems to be out of style with many today. More is the pity. They make themselves and those near them unhappy. Dennis Prager recently produced a little video on the value of being grateful. It was a rather nice prelude to this Thanksgiving.

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