Let’s call the Biden campaign what it is: ELDER ABUSE

I’m growing more and more angry at the way Joe Biden is being treated by his family and political party during the 2020 Presidential campaign.  If any of us treated our elder scions in this way, we’d be accused of elder abuseand rightly so!

Mr. Biden is clearly not in full control of his senses.  He rambles, loses track of what he’s saying, speaks nonsense words and phrases, and requires a teleprompter to remember what he has to say – even to the extent of apparently not being able to answer questions without one.  His movements are no longer as springy and zesty as they used to be;  to demonstrate that, compare footage of him just a year ago to footage of him today.  The difference is clear.

Mr. Biden is obviously being kept in place as a campaign figurehead to unseat Donald Trump from the Presidency.  His handlers in the Democratic Party have doubtless decided that he’s a relatively innocuous political figure who’ll attract uncommitted voters, while others in the party – from his Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, to other prominent Democrats in Congress and the Senate – will espouse and/or defend more controversial policies.

As soon as Mr. Biden has served his purpose (assuming the Democrats win in November), he’ll doubtless be “put out to pasture”, probably by invoking the 25th Amendment, or kept in place as a figurehead President while others rule in his name (shades of Mrs. Edith Wilson and her usurpation of Presidential authority during Woodrow Wilson‘s second term?).  Either way, overtly or covertly, Ms. Harris will succeed to the Presidency.  Who will her Vice-Presidential candidate be when the time comes to end the charade?  With our luck, probably Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or someone with equally extreme views – someone who’d never normally attract enough electoral support to prevail.

Let’s be clear.  I don’t care about Mr. Biden’s politics.  I’m just very sorry for him as a human being.  As a pastor, I’ve worked with a large number of people in his position.  I’ve watched their decline.  I know the signs.  So do many of my friends and readers, including a hospice nurse who describes his symptoms as unmistakable.  Yet, when I ask local Democratic Party officials about it, they uniformly evade my question and/or refuse to answer it directly.  They claim he’s “got excellent medical care”, and maintain that “if he was that sick, his doctors would have made him rest”, or something like that.  They never, ever come out and admit that his clearly-visible symptoms are what they are.

Why are we, the American electorate, putting up with this?  Why are we accepting as valid the candidacy of any politician who is clearly not in full control of himself?  Why are we tolerating what de facto amounts to elder abuse?

And why are the mainstream media not all asking this question, aloud, and demanding answers?  Their complicity in this conspiracy of silence is deafening.

The Emperor-candidate has no clothes.  Mr. Biden is visibly not capable of running even his campaign, let alone the United States.  His handlers are making all the running, and we’re sitting back and letting them get away with it.  As long as we do, we are all complicit in this elder abuse.

Shame on us all.



  1. Peter,

    A very real danger is if he dies prior to being sworn in. There is no legal framework to say what should happen. With an 8 member court, it could be tragic.
    I'll note that Robert Heinlein used that as the mechanism for the breakdown of the US. One hopes it does not happen.

    Glen in Texas

  2. Who is this "We", Peter?

    Why are you assigning collective guilt for everyone for a situation knowingly being caused by the Elite and covered up by their lackeys in the MSM?

    "We" also didn't cause the "peaceful protests" that have caused billions in damage. Specific groups of people made it happen.

    So before you assign collective guilt to everyone, especially us that have no choice in the matters at hand and no real world power to change things at moments notice, maybe you should think about your choice of words. As an author you have a large arsenal to choose from, so don't tag everyone for the actions of the evil doers.

  3. @Chris Nelson: Two points.

    1. We are all part of the electorate: therefore, if the collective electorate is or isn't doing something, "we" are all involved in that. Rules of grammar.

    2. If any of us have done nothing to protest about how Joe Biden is being treated, then our silence is effectively consent to it, or at least toleration of it. That applies in all sorts of situations, not just politics.

    So, yes, under either or both of those conditions, I use "we". You're free to disagree, of course.

  4. Peter,

    It's been obvious to many people that there is no "spark" left in Joe Biden and he is being abused.

    I have done all I can do with the resources I have. So have many other people. "We" vote, "we" organize, "we" write, "we" educate, "we" boycott, and sometimes "we" open the eyes of the blind or provide a "red pill" of information that changes minds.

    Protesting in a sea of protests in a galaxy of protests in a universe of protests in the current year is at best tilting at windmills. The best "we" can do is to spread the word, vote, and pray. Maybe you want to hire some knights and go on a crusade to save what's left of the man?

    If you want to fling around the collective "We", I could, in turn do the same and consider you as part of the collective "We" that is responsible for every ill and sin in this physical world and encourge you to go "protest" 366 days a year. And that's not practical or helpful.

  5. Cannot help but recall that old piece of advice: When your enemy is making mistakes by all means let them. Certainly Mr. Biden is being shamefully used by the powers behind the Democrats and the progressive left, a difference increasingly without distinction.
    But I see no reasonable course of action other than such as you are doing here, calling the Emperor's lack of clothing to the attention of the masses. And of course to cast our legal votes comes the election.

  6. I find it hard to have sympathy for Creepy Joe given his crimes against the American electorate over the decades. He gets a pass on sexual harassment yet we are to believe Trump casually decided to rape some aging socialite hag in a department store dressing room years ago. It's clear his family profited from government connections many times.

    Like Chris, there is not much left to do. I supported Ron Paul in 2012 and this exposed what garbage the system has been for a long time. I guess we should be grateful at this point that we don't have dysfunctional in your face corruption at the local level to the point where the roads will never be repaired and potable water still comes from the faucet and the then processed properly.

    I like new Americans like Peter, but sadly the system here does not have enough sense to get more of his quality.

  7. "His handlers are making all the running, and we're sitting back and letting them get away with it. "

    What are you going to do about it? If you protest, nobody will see it because the legacy media won't show it and social media will unperson you. Then they'll send the lawyers and accountants to dig into your records, and the mobs to camp on your front yard.

  8. The people who are primarily responsible for protecting the elderly are their family members. Do you really think Jill is enjoying this ride? I'm guessing that a last run at the Presidency is at the top of Joe's bucket list and he begged them to let him take a shot at it.

    He's so far gone that he really doesn't realize that he is embarrassing himself to death, so other than him being worn out from all that basement campaigning, what's the problem, Peter?

    I don't feel the least bit sorry for Joe, but I'm scared down to my socks for Our Country if he actually gets elected.

  9. Who's going to pay attention to us? "You crazy, mon!"

    The whole year has been crazy, and the whole election process is "irregular". Did they just skip like half the state conventions? You know they have a plot, someone they're going to slip in for Poor Old Joe when he finally strokes out. The media will cheerlead, and there will be no process for the rest of us to do anything about it.

  10. Your compassion for Joe Biden does you credit, Peter. But (you knew that was coming, right?) do not let your compassion override your reason. Biden is an evil man who likes to paw little girls and big girls alike. He is corrupt to the core. Even with his reason slipping (and it's been slipping for years now, he was showing Alzheimer symptoms back when he was VP) he is perfectly willing to go along with this charade. In some ways, he's better at it. Lyin' Biden can't remember the truth, so can deliver the lies better than any actor.
    Do not waste your pity on Joe Biden, Peter. Does a shepherd feel sorry for an old wolf who has preyed on his flock?

  11. Totally agree. I see elder abuse going on all the time especially when greedy family members and 'hangers on" are trying to get their hands on an inheritance, or in this case, high political office. Abusers see enfeebled elders as resource accounts to be drained and don't care about the actual people. I have no brief for Biden and actually think he belongs in prison but the people around him (the DNC) are obviously poisonous.

    On the other hand, part of me believes the Dems are actually throwing the election because they don't want to be in the drivers seat when the debt bubble pops. Commies think long term and if they can kick the can and blame Trump they will take over completely in 2024.

  12. Uncle Lar beat me to it.

    You GO, Joe! and take Camel Toe down with you.

    Looking for a huge election win, and the house and senate swinging more conservative, me.

  13. God works in mysterious ways …

    Biden's reach will ever exceed his grasp, the closer he gets to the presidency, the less likely he is to achieve it. In fact I think his journey to purgatory has begun before his passing from this world.

  14. The deciding moment will be the first debate next week, if it even happens. Either way, Slow Joe will be shown to be unable to be president, even unable to stand up in January and follow a simple script to be sworn in.

    He's out. He's just a placeholder for what comes next.

    Go to a grocery store. Who's face is still on the magazines in the checkout? It's not Senator Harris. It's not Hillary. It's… Michelle Obama.

    Ask yourself, why the hagiography of Michelle when Kamala should be on every magazine cover? Why?

    At or just after the first debate date, we'll see Biden sidelined, and a new, bright, shining face appear. 'For the good of the Nation' they'll say.

    I hope I'm wrong, but the Cassandra gene runs strong in my family.

  15. Biden is getting what he deserves, just like the rest of them. Their egos blind them to the truth, they are truly evil people who do not merit my pity or sorrow. They traded their souls long ago, Hell is eternal!

  16. "Why are we, the American electorate, putting up with this? Why are we accepting as valid the candidacy of any politician who is clearly not in full control of himself? Why are we tolerating what de facto amounts to elder abuse?"

    "Shame on us all."

    Okay, enough. With all due respect to you as the esteemed blog host, Peter, who in bloody hell is this WE you keep blaming? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? I had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

    But tell us, what, precisely, would you have us conservative Republicans – who had zero say in the choice or handling of the Democrat nominee – do?

  17. @Roy: Call them on it. Speak out about it. Write to your newspapers. Call your local Democratic Party office. Send e-mails to national media outlets and political figures. Don't just sit back and accept it; fight it!

    Remember Edmund Burke's famous dictum: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    Too many of us are doing nothing. As long as we do, as long as we allow, permit or tolerate this evil to succeed, we bear at least some degree of complicity, IMHO. YMMV, of course.

  18. Did it. All of it.

    It all accomplished exactly jack and schitt. So, I am not one of the "WE" you speak of.

    Retire your broad brush please.

  19. Peter, the Dems and the MSM (but I repeat myself) Have a plan, and are following it. What makes you think any input from ANYONE outside of the smoke filled rooms would have effect? One can merely hope they are making a mistake or three, as they follow their game plans.

  20. Sir, when you used the collective "we", I just presumed it was in the same vein as, for example, Nehemiah 1:6-7. Enjoy your writing. {thumbs up emoji}

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