LibertyCon, here we come!

Miss D. and I are heading for LibertyCon, to be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, over the coming weekend.  We’re both scheduled as speakers, and there’ll be other activities to keep us busy.  It’s the one convention we really make an effort to attend every year.  It’s small enough to be manageable, and there’s usually a great bunch of people in attendance.

We’ll be driving there over the next few days, and heading home when the convention is over.  Blogging will, of course, be light while we’re on the road, and probably while we’re at the convention as well.  I’ll post as and when I can, and I’ll try to queue up a few posts in the evening to pop up during the following day or two, depending on my schedule.  Meanwhile, I’ll be grateful if those of you so inclined will say a prayer or two for us, for traveling mercies, a safe arrival there, and a safe homecoming.



  1. "say a prayer or two for us, for traveling mercies, a safe arrival there, and a safe homecoming."
    yes, done. Prayers for a safe uneventful journey, safe while there, and safe uneventful journey home. May you travel well, be rested and return safely.

  2. Safe travels! I wish I were going this year, but I waited too long to preregister, and they were completely full. Oh, well, perhaps next year. Have fun!

  3. Peter, just don't be self-conscious when holding Law-dawg's paw to keep him from freaking out…. ��

  4. Looking forward to it! Leaving tomorrow from a bit south of you, here at Stately Wakal Manor, Shooting Ranges, and Longhorn Spa…

  5. Safe Travels! We're sad we can't be there, but we realized too late that we could take the time. And coming down just to hang out around the con seems counterproductive.

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