Long day

It’s been a long day, and I’m very tired.  I’ve been working on the issues surrounding getting my book ready for publication, and there are plenty of them – cover art, formatting, questions about ISBN’s, and so on.  To make matters worse, we’re under a flash flood warning here, and the rain is bucketing down.  As always, my fused spine and damaged sciatic nerve are an infallible barometer, so they’re really not happy right now – and when they’re not happy, I’m not happy.

As a result, there’s not much blog fodder tonight.  To keep you amused until I post more tomorrow, here’s a performance of ‘MacPherson’s Rant‘ by Scottish folk group Old Blind Dogs.  (Lyrics are here, if you find the Scottish accent hard to understand.)  Love the jam session from about 3m. 47sec. onwards!

I always enjoy music more when the musicians themselves are clearly having a lot of fun playing it.

Check back for more blog fodder tomorrow morning.


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