Looking for that special way to express yourself?

Here’s what the compiler claims are ‘The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time’.  Warning – the language and idiom are sometimes not safe for work.

I must think about incorporating some of those into future novels . . .



  1. Writing insults can be fun, too. I used a word in Pixie Noir that I got feedback on: it took two professors (of chemistry) three dictionaries to find the definition of. I was surprised when I heard that, I didn't realize having my hero call his enemies anacephalic goons would be quite that obscure.

    A while back, a friend gave me a book of Shakespearean insults. SO much fun!

  2. Somewhere in the Congressional Record in the 1800's is a speech insulting a fellow congresscritter, that runs longer than 10 minutes, and he never repeats himself. IIRC, one of our military academies (West Point?) required students to memorize it (to expand their knowledge base). (I'm sure some PC person put a stop to that by now!)

    Wish I could still remember the details…sigh

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