Looks familiar, doesn’t it?


A reader sent me this infographic, purporting to show vote counts from yesterday’s runoff Senate elections in Georgia:

I haven’t seen any numbers from the vote counting yet, so I can’t confirm whether or not it’s real – but the pattern sure looks familiar!  Can anyone confirm, please?



  1. That seems similar to the returns I was watching. It Started off with Democrats leading, evened up, Republicans taking a small lead as Republican counties reported results. There were a handful of counties which had reported under 50% of votes, one being Dekalb county (Atlanta area) which had about 170,000 votes left to report. Most of those came in, causing the jump in Democratic votes to a majority.

    Dekalb county gave 83% to the Democrats. There were other counties which were around 85% Republican, the thing I notice from the results is how highly polarized different regions of the state are — 75% plus for one party or the other.

    I'm sure somebody is going to throw that graph out as "proof" of fraud but existence of the jump doesn't prove anything. If the graph is expanded into more detail there are places where Republicans got >80% of an update, it's just the Republican regions are largely less populated counties, so fewer actual votes in the update.

    For proof of fraud you need evidence that the votes were manipulated. You can argue Dekalb county waited and "created" enough votes for a win but if that's the argument they didn't do a very good job of it — that big block of votes was not enough to guarantee an Ossoff victory, a small change in votes coming in after that point could have switched it.

  2. Strip off the names and that is a perfect representation of all my fucks catching up to my caffeine level.

  3. Surely no one can be surprised that the same fraudulent voting that took place in the general election with impunity would not be used in the Georgia senate runoff? I you do I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you on the cheap …

  4. Georgia is crooked. If they cooked the national the would cook the state as well. Dem want 100 percent control so I would expect over the next 4 years the republic will be dissolved. Trump will be martyred.

  5. I agree Paul! President Trump has already been martyred in in every way but physically. It has been an electronic lynching! If he is physically killed it will not be the first blood spilled in civil war 2.0 but it won’t go unanswered. Yesterday the gloves came off whether by intent or not is irrelevant. Today the gap between a constitutional republic or socialist Marxism in this country has widened exponentially and the pace toward the precipice is accelerating. I don’t know which side God is on, I just hope and pray that I’m on His side …

  6. You had the same monkeys running the shit show with the same playbook. Why would you expect anything else but another stolen election.

  7. Did we not see similar curves in 1 or 2 other states in the general elections? I can't seem to find those graphs any more.

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