Looks like Antifa and its allies are getting feisty

It seems elements of the progressive, far-left-wing side of American politics are taking a leaf out of what they see as the far-right-wing’s playbook.

Interestingly enough, the recent spike in political violence has come overwhelmingly from the left. Even more concerning is the growth of far left organizations openly advocating for “armed struggle”, especially considering the recent targeted shooting of Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three others by a deranged left wing activist.

One of the largest and fastest growing organizations that fits this description is Redneck Revolt, a self described “above ground militant formation” founded in June of 2016 that claims to have 30+ vetted branches nationwide.

Redneck Revolt’s organizing principles mirror much of what you would see on any other far left organizing platform. They begin with their very reasonable, very easy to support, opposition to “white supremacy”. They then dive into class theory, anti-capitalist, and anti-wealth rhetoric that could have been copied directly from The Communist Manifesto. And finally, they wrap up with open calls for “militant resistance” and “revolution”.

. . .

But what’s most alarming are the resources they provide on their website. They promote several PDFs that endorse “armed struggle” and even offer a 36 page “Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerrilla” (bottom right of resource page) which pictures left-wing militants using RPGs and outlines tactics for guerrilla warfare including sections on “sabotage”, “kidnapping”, “executions”, “armed propaganda”, and “terrorism”.

There’s more at the link.  I deliberately have not provided links to the various Web sites and documents mentioned in this excerpt, because I don’t want to give click-throughs to people like that;  however, if you really want to know more, you’ll find links at the original article.  Help yourself.

These people may seem amateurish, even comical, to those of us with military backgrounds, particularly combat veterans;  but they’re deadly serious about what they’re doing.  What’s more, I’m sure they have at least some veterans, perhaps even combat veterans, in their own ranks.  Don’t dismiss their posturing as empty and meaningless.  At present, they’re probably more smoke than fire . . . but given time, and enough willing volunteers, they may become much more than that.

Furthermore, remember that modern technology allows even small, otherwise ill-equipped and poorly-trained units of terrorists to become deadly threats.  Consider the thermite grenades dropped by small quadrotor UAV’s on a Ukrainian ammunition depot back in March.  Thermite is easy to make – recipes are all over the Internet (for example, here).  Similarly, explosives are not hard to make;  again, a quick search will reveal plenty of instructions (for example, see here).  Home-made hand grenades are not difficult to manufacture, as evidenced by this report last year from Alabama.  Deactivated ‘souvenir’ military grenades can be reactivated, as Mexican drug cartels are already doing (link is to an Adobe Acrobat document in .PDF format).  Domestic terrorists can easily access such information, buy the necessary components and parts, make their own small explosive devices, and purchase small UAV’s to carry them from almost anywhere.  What would be the result if small, home-made thermite grenades were dropped on electricity transformers all across a city one evening?  Probably something like this.  Now, imagine that happening in a dozen cities, simultaneously . . .

Don’t write off domestic terrorism.  The fact that we haven’t yet had a major incident involving the moonbat left or the wingnut right, doesn’t mean that either end of the loony spectrum isn’t fully capable of providing one.  Be on the alert for signs of trouble, and be prepared to defend yourself if necessary.



  1. There are perils to both over and underestimating these people, and they make it really easy to do either of those.

  2. It's my observation, on a theoretical basis, that the explosive compounds easiest to make are also most likely to provide impromptu martyrdom. Thus, the problem tends toward self solution, but not far enough.

  3. " Redneck Revolt, a self described “above ground militant formation” "

    Interesting that a left wing organisation should choose this name, how long before atrocities committed by 'Redneck Revolt' are described in the media as 'carried out by the extreme right organisation Redneck Revolt '??

  4. I've said numerous times that the "living in moms basement" / "effeminate males" insults are really counter productive.

    First off, they _ARE_ on the field actually doing stuff. They are actually assaulting their enemies. They are actually intimidating their enemies. They actually have taken over institutions. The authorities are clearly on their side and finally, they actually have shot their opposition.

    So all the posturing from the Right is empty rhetoric at this stage. Big deal the Right is full of ex-military. That means nothing if nobody does anything.

  5. The problem is that there are plenty of well educated, very productive, clever people that do buy into the whole #Resist movement and the mass media. They have the skills, if harnessed, could cause some lasting damage. So far they have been content to talk and organize peacefully.

  6. Hey Peter;

    It is easy to mock the ANTIFA movement as mostly feminist and beta males, and to a large extent that is accurate, but there is the hardcore center that well is "Hard". Those are the ones that do all the fighting and bicycling locking people. They have been demonizing their opponents and deriding them as "Nazi's" and when believe that your opponent is sub human, than you lose the "Taking human life" issue off the table because "we are evil and we deserve it." This is a dangerous mindset and the hardcore ANTIFA believe this and those are the ones you have to watch. You never underestimate people, especially since they are a fan of marxism and to use Mao's little red book as a reference "The Guerrilla can swim among the people and be one with them." What is going on is you have the early makings of a insurgency especially when a lot of city government supports them.

  7. Every one of the "grenades" in that photo were legal to own pieces of cast steel. The "fuses" were also legal to own. The briefcase display is a standard BATFE "Training aid" of mock ups used by every field office. There was not one single item in any of those photos that couldn't be bought on line, or at the local Army Surplus store. This is at BEST "fake news" and at worst false arrest by BATFE and the FBI.

  8. Redneck revolt is probable not a real organization. The Antifa crowd is starting to realize that rednecks are intractable, and are much better shots then the are.

    One of their own tried to shoot up a baseball field full of unarmed Republicans, and was put down without killing anyone.

    So they are attempting to recruit.

  9. Plus the mob-swarm problem. Who needs explosives when you get a bunch of people to surround a target and kick/beat/pummel them into submission or death? I had the exceedingly unpleasant experience of being mobbed once in a school yard. Happily for me, I had my back to a temporary fence, so they couldn't completely surround me, but it got rather frought before an adult showed up. And these were younger teens going after a younger teen, not adults with clubs or other weapons.


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