Looks like Big Brother’s at it again . . .

Here’s a news report about a school in Wisconsin where the authorities seem to have an inflated idea of their own importance, and the amount of control they have over the children entrusted to their educational care.

I can fully understand the concerns of the parents.  Consider:

  • What business does the school system have in asking kids such intensely personal questions?  It’s none of their business!
  • Young children are very impressionable.  They can be coerced or pressured into saying things about their families that are simply untrue.
  • What guarantee is there that what the kids say in class won’t be reported to Child Protective Services or some other organ of the state, that might decide to remove the kids from their parents’ custody while they investigate what may be a spurious charge or complaint?  (Just do an internet search on ‘CPS abuses‘ to see what I mean.)

Sounds like these particular incarnations of Big Brother need to be slapped down hard . . .



  1. It's well established that the "public" schools are essential to the Gramscian "long march through the institutions" at the core of the Left's strategy. Consider their mantra that "the personal is political." Consider their thrusts against parental authority and familial privacy, because "the children belong to all of us." And of course, consider how relentlessly and remorselessly the Left has colonized education colleges, and has encouraged the use of the classroom for political proselytizing.

    The disease has reached its terminal stage. The only countermeasure is escape. Smart parents are making the necessary sacrifices to homeschool their children. Watch for intensified attempts to shut down that option, at the state and local levels for the moment, but eventually at the federal level as well — perhaps via court rulings that homeschooling constitutes a form of child abuse.

  2. It's not new. We saw something similar at a Catholic middle school about 20 years ago. Fortunately, we did have notice ahead of time and our son elected to stay home that day.

    Social helpfulness takes many forms. Even when one intentionally avoids state schools, there are others willing to help.

  3. This is in my back yard, so to say

    And I agree: this was going WAY too personal. And, given that teachers are mandatory reporters, does massively open the door to CPS abuses

  4. I've told my kids that any time anyone asks about things at home, about guns, or ANYTHING at all like that, the proper answer is "none of your business." If they were told that they had to tell, call me immediately and I *will* get into their faces, politely, about what they can do with their prying.

  5. This is exactly like what was done to East German children during the Cold War, before the Wall came down.
    The teacher would ask the class a question about what they had heard on the radio, but the question related to banned childrens radio programmes beamed in from the west.
    If or when a child volunteered something about what he or she had heard, the STASI (Secret Police) would then put their parents under intense scrutiny.
    When the parents were found guilty of crimes against the State, they would be jailed, and their children taken away. to be 'better educated'.

    What has been done here is abominable, those teachers MUST be bought to book!!.

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