Looks like B.O. is unpopular in Egypt . . .

. . . to put it mildly!  Example:

Now, if we could just get him to go over there and ‘reason’ with the demonstrators, perhaps they’d be persuaded.  In fact, they might like him so much that they’d keep him – thereby freeing us from his pernicious presence!  Of course, he’d have to use camels instead of Air Force One for his periodic Presidential perambulations, but I can live with that.  As a taxpayer, what’s not to like?



  1. So the only way to get around in Egypt is by camel? So the cars and planes and Cairo International Airport are just for show?

    How exactly would riding a camel everywhere be more beneficial as a taxpayer than Air Force One? Realistically, It would take ages for him to go anywhere. I don't want any president to spend any more time than necessary on simply getting from place to place.

    As someone who purportedly values personal responsibility perhaps you should instead be arguing that the Egyptian protesters need to stop looking at foreign governments to blame, or solve, their problems. They had an election, they lost, if they want to revolt now that's their prerogative, not ours.

  2. I don't know, Peter, if they keep him, that leaves us with . . . yeah. Although I wager the current POTUS would not be very happy riding a camel, from what I understand of camel behavior and how they move when they walk. [insert evil grin here]


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