Looks like an interesting place to land . . .

. . . and a good way to speed up your heart rate!  This video was taken at and around the airport at Saint Barthélemy in the French West Indies.

You know, if a tallish vehicle were passing as one of those aircraft came in, it might get knocked over by the landing gear!



  1. I wonder how many traffic accidents are caused by touist drivers suddenly having a Twin Otter bearing down on them.

  2. Looks like a fun airport. I grew up in Juneau, AK. Lots of planes around there. Lots of mountains and oceans and trees. Precious few flat spots. I saw a lot of interesting landing spots. My brother owned a small plane, but sold it after less than 300 solo hours. He said he had WAY to many "good" stories about landing seaside with bears, and wheel-tracks coming out of and ending in creeks on either end of the beach under a ceiling falling as fast as the snow, creating "landing strips" with a chainsaw and machete, and repairing holes made by crows ("not all hundred-mile-an-hour tape is actually good for much over a 65 knot airspeed"), landing his tail-dragger with a 40 MPH stall speed in 45 mph wind, and such things— he could read the writing on the wall, got out while he could.

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