Looks like an “interesting” place to land

It’s Tegucigalpa Airport in Honduras.  According to the History Channel, it’s the second most dangerous airport in the world.  Here’s an outside view of a Boeing 757 making the steep final diving turn to land on the (rather short, uphill) runway.

And here’s the approach, filmed from the cockpit of a Boeing 737.

I’m glad that airport’s not on my normal travel route!



  1. I flew into there a few times in the 1980s. I remember one occasion as we were bouncing around a bit more than usual in the final turn, the passenger next to me screamed and grabbed my arm. It made me rethink my position on nuns and their direct communication line to the Boss!

  2. Kind of like 11 at Sitka (where I missed a flight because storm waves were tossing boulders on the runway) or 8 in Juneau.

  3. Also landed at the airport (passenger) in the 1980's. Interesting approach down several valleys looking directly into and uphill at houses. Lots of turbulence. Hard breaking at the end due to all the C-47s and C-123s parked at the end of the strip. None flyable – all for show. The good stuff was "loaned" out by the government to "certain interests".

  4. C.W., if I recall the History Channel's take on it the #1 worst runway was this little tiny thing on the side of a mountain in Nepal. It literally dead-ends into the side of the mountain, there IS no "go around" if you mess it up. Oh, and its really really easy to come in to low and kill yourself that way too.

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