Lovely music!

The medieval/Renaissance/traditional/folk rock group, Blackmore’s Night (whom we’ve met in these pages before), released their latest album, ‘Dancer And The Moon‘, earlier this year.  I’ve been enjoying it very much, particularly the guitar playing of Ritchie Blackmore and the vocals and woodwinds of Candice Night, his wife.

Here’s their rendition of ‘The Spinner’s Tale’.  I think it’s absolutely lovely.

Mmmm . . . warm fuzzy music!  You can hear samples from the rest of ‘Dancer And The Moon’ at Amazon, and many of the tracks are on YouTube.  I think it’s one of their best albums yet.



  1. Her voice reminds me a bit of Wendy Rule, another artist I am fond of.

    Of course, I've never run into any singers in the same class as Maddie Pryor, I'm thoroughly in love with her voice.

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