Lucky to be alive

A motorist in Modesto, California is very lucky to be alive after his/her Honda went between a truck and trailer that had overturned.  The towbar flattened the passenger compartment of the car like it was so much tinfoil.  California’s Highway Patrol police posted this picture (click it for a larger view):

You can see the truck and trailer, and the towbar, in the background.  Amazingly, there were no serious injuries.

Methinks the Honda driver owes his/her guardian angel a beer!



  1. My first thought was they just couldn't stop… then I wondered it they were in a hurry & figured they'd fit?
    Probably couldn't stop. Cheap thrills all around.

  2. A good bit better off than the idiot who took his boat at speed between a tug and it's tow in Vancouver BC s few years back.

  3. I once worked with a fellow who discovered that there was a semi crossways at the bottom of the hill… and the hill was icy. He did what he could to at least try to hit the axles… but still had the good sense to duck… similar result.

  4. Yowzba. OldNFO is right – get the better stuff, that angel was working overtime.

    Got sideswiped by the trailer, after almost getting pinned and crunched into a jersey wall by the complete cab and trailer, in January. Truck drifted into my lane and kept drifting. Glad I had room to hit the brakes and back out of it; was about two seconds from disaster. I bought Scotch for my guardian angel, and helped him with the bottle later.

  5. Dropped his doobie on the floor and was trying to fish it out from under the gas pedal when suddenly the convertible top retracted. He said later that he had not known that the switch for the top was located on the floor.

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