Massad Ayoob offers good advice on “Defending against Riots and Mobs”


Regular readers will know I’ve mentioned firearms and security instructor and consultant Massad Ayoob on many occasions.  He offers training through the Massad Ayoob Group, has been a part-time police officer for decades, and is a well-known expert witness in court cases.  I’ve taken three of his courses – basic, intermediate and advanced – and regard him very highly.

Mr. Ayoob sat down with Marty Hayes in July for an almost hour-long presentation titled “Defending against Riots and Mobs”.  It’s delivered with his usual clarity of thought and incisiveness, and I highly recommend you make the time to watch it if at all possible.  Here it is.

If the embedded video doesn’t play or is blocked, you’ll find the program here.



  1. As when facing a Mimbari fleet, the best way to protect yourself when mobs are rioting is to "be somewhere else."

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