Maxwell Volume 5 is moving right along

After recovering from a long battle with a kidney stone, I’m back at work writing.  The next novel in the Maxwell Saga is well advanced, and I hope to publish it during February.  Here’s a glimpse at the cover to whet your appetite.

I’m finding it difficult to write amidst all the fuss and bother of buying a house and moving between states, but I’ll work as hard as I can.  Watch this space for more details!

I also have a guest article at Mad Genius Club this morning, looking at the problem of breaking out of one’s fictional focus to adopt a broader perspective on reality.  I hope those of you interested in the craft of writing will find it useful.



  1. Just finished Book 4, looking forward to #5. When its ready to go live, please post a large (900×1500) pic of the cover at your blog. I use pics of books I've read (current year) to populate my screen saver. The wife 'discourages' me from using cheerleaders.

  2. Sir, Does any of your writing take the Lords name or mis-use the name of Jesus? I would like to read one of you books.

  3. @Fred: The way I write on this blog is the way I write my books as well. If you like one, I daresay you'll enjoy the other.

  4. I've posted a review of this series on my blog Musings of the Desert Rat. I am definitely looking forward to book 5 once it's been published.

    All the best to you and Miss D on the move, may you have a safe journey to your new home.

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