Medical misadventures and frustrations


I’m about at the point where tar, feathers and a pole begin to look like essential equipment for dealing with medical establishments and their staff.

Yesterday Miss D. and I tried to get a COVID-19 test, just to confirm what is already very clear from the number of our friends who’re down with it.  The nearby Big City Hospital was still overwhelmed by the recent snowstorms, and wasn’t offering its usual testing facilities.  The free drive-up tests offered in the parking lot of an exhibition center weren’t available, because of the temperature (or lack thereof).

After much calling around, we got no less than six different bits of advice from the staff of a small town hospital and its satellite clinics, leading us to drive out to its main hospital for testing – only to be told (contrary to what we’d been repeatedly promised) that they weren’t conducting tests.  If we cared to walk into the ER and pay full ER fees, why yes, they’d test us:  but that would be a $500 deductible for each of us.  Our response was a somewhat vituperative “Thanks, but no thanks!”

We drove 30 miles the other way to Big City, and tried to contact several alternatives en route.  A “doc-in-the-box” establishment calling itself ER Now offered to do the testing, but again, only at full ER rates – this, from a small doc-in-the-box joint!  We walked out without treatment or testing.

We finally learned of one doc-in-the-box place that offers the quick-results test at a more reasonable price, but was closed on Tuesday.  We’ll be going there this morning to get a test, weather permitting – we’ve had another 4-6″ of snow since yesterday afternoon, so I’ll have to wait and see what road reports look like.  Drivers in North Texas appear to think that if you’ve got a 4-wheel-drive pickup or SUV, you can drive at 80 on loose snow and black ice with nary a care in the world.  A fairly large number of them have recently discovered that’s not quite the case . . .



  1. 4 wheel drive is wonderful for getting you going in slippery conditions. It does nothing to help you slow down (as drivers have to relearn every winter)

  2. Yep. Weight and drive wheels help but nothing can help the low coefficient of friction ice has. usuallly found out when you are going fast and need to stop NOW.

  3. One good thing about this windmill thing is that we can't blame it on partisan politicians, only corrupt ones. Even more corrupt multi-millionares (back when millions was real money) spread small bits of their wealth around to enrich themselves even more. Does T. Boone Pickens ring a bell.

  4. My late, ex, father in law had some caustic things to say about texas drivers when he retired and moved from michigan to texas. We came to visit after an ice storm and he was in full roar about the idiocy of his neighbors including his own brother in law that he had to pull out of a ditch twice with his tractor.

  5. I live in Alaska, deep Interior Alaska. We have 4 seasons here: June, July, August and Winter. I thoroughly enjoy watching the newbies with their lowered, tricked out, black tinted window squishy cars try to get anywhere when there's 2 inches of ice covered with 4 inches of dry powder in the -30 degree, 23 hour dark of a Fairbanks winter. The roads are flat & relatively straight and somehow these yahoos still end up wheels up in the ditches. Makes me giggle.

  6. Sounds like you guys are close enough to have our weather, a bit north of the Red River. Looks like tomorrow, Thursday, is gonna warm up close enough to freezing to dry some of the roads off. Here's hoping.

  7. Probably after the fact but … My nurse significant other says unless you are in need of intervention to stay home, call tele-health hotline if you need advice. Take your vitamins as above. If you actually have COVID don’t risk spreading it further, You can get the test later.

    She also said “Isn’t it interesting how fast COVID dropped in Texan’s priority lists once these winter storms hit?”

  8. If you don't NEED the services of a hospital or clinic, STAY HOME. They are rated as a MAJOR vector of the WuFlu. You can get the test later. Follow the suggestions for the various potions your other commenters have left you. Lots of other bugs you can also pick up in those medical arenas. Stay away!

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