Miss D. and I made it back home this evening . . . but only just!  We drove back through 100°+ heat (a bank’s display thermometer was reading 112° Fahrenheit as we drove through the last town before we reached home at about 5.30 this evening).  To make matters worse, there was a major accident on the interstate heading south, which apparently resulted in one death and several serious injuries.  Southbound traffic was shut down completely just over the Kentucky border, and probably will remain so until late tonight.  We were fortunate to be able to cut across the median (with the approval of a patrolling policeman, I hasten to add) and get into the northbound lanes, from where we cut across and down another road.  It added at least an hour to our travel time, but under the circumstances I’m very grateful we made it home at all!

We had a wonderful time with Brigid, Tamara, Roberta and friends.  We’ll definitely plan a repeat performance as soon as we can manage it.

I’m going to try to cool down . . . right now I feel as if I’m radiating heat from every pore!  More blog posts will follow later tonight or early tomorrow morning.



  1. As I've gotten older and, erm… thicker… I've started taking quite a bit of joy in late-afternoon cool showers.

  2. Glad you made it back. Sounds like you live down here in South Texas with me! Those are near normal summer temps down here.

  3. Glad you made it home, and are not stuck in a long line of traffic, with a potty break lurking in the offing. 🙂 See? That might put a whole other spin on things. LOL

  4. It was a wonderful visit. Your bride has been such a good friend for so long, it was really nice to get to know you as well. You two are the best.

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