1. Ok, I'm a Crank, but the 'don't blame all cops for the actions of a few' meme bugs me. No, not all cops are thugs. But Police Unions PROTECT thug cops, and whether they also protect thugs cops or not, most cops know this. Unlike poor brown people, cops are actually organized. Maybe they ARE trying to do something abut the thugs among them, but I don't hear about it. Either they need to start doing something, or they need to broadcast that they already are.

  2. Every time a Pit Bull eats someone it's more bad press for the breed, seems if we move that analogy over to the police (we need video) it does the same thing.

  3. That tracked RV? Well, if you pick up a surplus M-548, build a box in/on the back and add some composite armor and spalling shields, you could get a nice one. Better would be the MTLV version, with 6 bogies instead of the standard 5.

    Not that I've ever fantasized about anything like that, noooo…

  4. Brilliant jokes Peter!
    I told my wife wife the "toot and calm 'em" joke> my wife said it was so funny I could cook dinner tonight> I have decided that we will be having steak and I will cook it as soon as the swelling on my eye goes down. 🙂

    Keep up the great work on your blog, best wishes to you and your family.

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