1. I'm not admitting to how many times I hit the page refresh button while waiting for the weekly memes post to appear.

    I so look forward to this dose of internet epicness.

  2. Thank you Peter… this is always a good start to my Mondays… I think my favorite was the I ran out of gas and called my insurance company… because if we can no longer laugh at out plight, we are truly undone.

  3. HA!
    The $10 gas one was all mine, which has now travelled all across the internet by some circuitous route to land back on your blog from someone else.
    I love seeing stuff take the long way around; it always amazes me. (But whoever edited out my watermark – I knew that one would have legs, because I don't mark 99% of the ones I make – deliberately is just a thieving cheesed*ck. That irritates me.)


  4. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were not biologists either, but they still wrote "She's a Woman" and "Girl"

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