1. Thanks, Peter, for the chuckles and thoughts.

    Hope you made time for some rest and relaxation with your exhausted posting last week.

    I'd HAPPILY buy that riding lawnmower for 300, it's small, I'll buy several.

    Sadly #1 might be true in all five scenarios. The party of Chaos is running this dumpster fire.

    As ole Remus often said "Stay away from crowds".

  2. Dystopias: You don't need to be authright to see that the pigs are sleeping in beds.

    Lawnmower: Why am I thinking of the Riders of Roi-Tan all of a sudden?

    Password: I've long complained that most password-criteria enforcers don't allow arbitrary Unicode, so my password can't contain cheeseburger. (At the other extreme would be a TARDIS password that includes the smell of dust after rain.)

  3. And of course, your password can not be written down, can not be re-used, and must be changed at least monthly.
    Where can I get a couple of sets of those dice? I know some people who deserve a gift.

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