1. Let's get serious: NASA hasn't launched any astronauts into space since 2011.
    So the bigger question is why they even have a budget, let alone $21B/yr.
    We could launch just as many men into space for $0 as we did for NASA's combined budgets since 2012.

  2. NASA, sigh I agree with Aesop here.

    Aside from the interstate highway system (developed partly from Germany's Autobahn for military needs) what has the Government done well?

    But the rest of your memes today are a mix of wry chuckles and serious thought-provoking ideas.

    Testing to see if I've lost my posting privileges over Aesop arguments

  3. The assumption is that the only reason for NASA is to put men into space, which is obviously not true.

    Without NASA, SpaceX would not have a customer for their resupply missions to the ISS. So NASA is primarily a hub for contracting missions to third party private entities.

    NASA continues with unmanned missions for exploration and research, both extraterrestrial and earth-based. Probably their most mundane but useful work.

    Unfortunately, they also seem to have been captured by bureaucratic inertia and waste time on being "woke," in the mistaken belief that this makes them "relevant." Clearly their PR arm needs to be shitcanned.

  4. I'm looking at NASA's newsfeed and reading the headline "NASA Goddard Astrophysicist Awarded 2022 LGBTQ+ Scientist of the Year" and I'm like WTF? And there are numerous other DIE (Diversity Inclusion Equity)-themed articles. What happened to the idea that we judge people based on their accomplishments, rather than which currently favored "identity group" they belong to?

    I know, I know, I'm a hidebound, bigoted neanderthal 🙁

  5. In addition to what "Mind your own business said…" stated about NASA's mission, the Agency also does leading/bleeding edge aerodynamic research or at least they contract with research facilities to have it done. They have been doing this since NASA absorbed the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).

    For example, NASA is doing leading edge supersonic transport research with the X-59. This way we don't end up with proprietary, patented basic knowledge that just slows things down. Go back and look at the fights between the Wright Brothers and other new companies in the very early aviation industry.

  6. @Michael,

    Just for the novelty, you could try posting things that refer solely to the OP, and advance positions, rather than gratuitous ad hominems aimed at other posters which advance nothing in the discussion. It's the difference between argument, and simple bickering.

    Start easy: just try it once a day, and work upwards, and gradually do it on all the blogs you visit, so you don't get a cramp.

    When you can get through a whole day without mentioning my name once in all your replies, yet still post a reasonable opinion on a topic, you graduate.

    Take a chance, man; you can do it.

  7. I'm still searching for the one time you actually admit you were wrong.

    Or maybe changed your mind about anything dear friend.

    Someday we need to meet up for some beer. I bet your much more reasonable at close range 🙂

  8. I'm still searching for the one time you actually admit you were wrong.

    Here ya go:
    I never should have voted for Daddy Bush the first time.

    There was also a marriage back then that was a world-class strategic error, never to be repeated.

    In both cases, I should have held out, because I could have done vastly better.

  9. Sorry to hear about the marriage thing, it's hard Aesop.

    My first one wasn't a good choice but this one has proven a solid keeper over the decades.

    We are both human Aesop. Maybe you'll allow me back on your blog.

    Have you ever given thought about brown outs and work arounds to protect critical electronics? Uninterruptable power sources are useful, but I suspect there are better options? Seems Cali is heading into a series of water issues and brown outs this summer.

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