1. North East Ohio Regional Sewer District IS a real entity. Knowing a few of the folks over there, they have a FANTASTIC Corporate sense of humor!!!

    Not EVERYTHING is a Mistake here where our river used to burn!

  2. Of course Kermit has guns!

    Think about it. Kermit is a frog. Frogs are amphibians that are well-suited for swimming. Meanwhile, as a celebrity, Kermit wouldn't have to worry about restrictive gun laws that are meant to hamper the rights of the non-rich and non-famous.

    Just think of the vast number of guns that Kermit could easily have recovered from all those Tragic Boating Accidents[tm] that are the bane of unlucky former gun owners everywhere (even here in Arizona, we have quite a few manmade lakes, some of which are quite sizeable).

  3. Parking in the cart corral is a great way to avoid damage from shopping carts, because it's so rare that anyone puts the carts in them.

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