1. Dear Peter, from across the Pond I thank for this lot.
    Liked the English lesson. I once had to explain to a charming French lady, when I jokingly doubted her words, the subtle difference between "Would I lie with you? " and Would I lie to you? "
    And, while I am at it, thank you for all your posts.

  2. The history of the English language is fascinating when you consider the number of influences that created the current iteration. Another one I like is cow vs beef. The Saxon peasants raised cows, the Norman nobles ate boeuf. Other animals have similar word pairs.

  3. And the lawyers custom of paired words derives from the time (late 1400s) when the Royal and Court language was transitioning from Law French to English.
    Eg: fair and equitable, etc.

  4. I was visiting a friend in the Navy, in Charleston. We were going
    To an event the next day, accompanied by the wife of the Chief Boats
    Who lived next door, a charming Scottish Lass. Inquiring on what time
    To meet, she replied "NO worries, just come round and knock me up." We
    Had a good laugh over two people's separated by a common language….

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