1. But… but… a group of birds in general is called a flock, but a flock of crows specifically is called a murder.

    "Not an energy drink" – did someone think "gas booster" was some sort of anti-Beano?

    Mind you, I can see someone wanting to add an octane booster to coffee, depending on the nature of the octane booster.

  2. "Wrong size socket" – ahh, Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan/whatever the other brand's version is called. It's a lot easier to work down there if you open the glove box, pop the stops from the box-frame, and go in through the opening. (Can't remember if the door comes off when it's opened all the way, or if you have to take out a couple bolts or screws.)

    If the passenger seat could recline, it'd be a lot easier to work inverted, too, but either that's not available, or it's an option that I don't have. 🙁 I'm seriously tempted to get a driver's seat from the junkyard to swap in, but I'd have to make sure it's a manual – the electric seat *is* nice, but you're not adjusting anything other than recline without it being plugged in.

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