1. The Law is broken because it has been taken to be a medium of control instead of being the clear limits of freedom.

  2. Peter, do your due diligence. The pro-life students in the District of Criminals were NOT breaking the law. They applied for and received a permit to place their First Amendment protected message on the PUBLIC sidewalk in front of the Plannec Infanticide death center.

    ā€œPre-born Black Lives Matter.ā€

    Yes, they do. They most dangerous place in America for a black child is in the womb. 18.6+ MILLION black babies murdered since 1973. The 10,000 young Black men killed annually by other young black men and the ~100-200 killed by police (mostly, but not all, justified) pale in comparison. How many Frederick Douglasses, George Washington Carvers, Harriet Tubmans, Thomas Sowells, Walter E. Williamses have we lost?

    I love your writing, but you missed badly here.

  3. @Wayne: You misunderstand me. Those students should NOT have been arrested, given that the Portland protesters were not arrested either. Free speech is free speech, at least in theory – but not in our present system, where only politically correct free speech appears to be tolerated. Equality before the law is also conspicuous by its absence.

  4. What do we tell the customer? The rust fell out onto the floor. Thank goodness we got to it before it took more of the vehicle.

  5. If the arresting officers were also in Portland, that would work.

    But the only thing that isn't illegal in DC is graft.

  6. The Toyota with the broke frame: that is common. Toyota didn't use any corrosion protection on their frames and the steel is a low carbon steel that is prone tor rust.

  7. Regarding the DC anti-abortion protestors, well, since November 2016 we've had violent protests in Washington DC that have burned cars in the streets, caused injuries, trashed businesses, and all that without permits to do more than peacefully protest. Yet two peaceful protestors get locked up for doing what they had a permit to do.

    There is, and has not been, equal enforcement under the law for conservatives for quite some time, going back to at least Clinton's presidency. If you factor in what Watergate should have exposed, Dem's use of campaign funds to purchase drugs and hookers, and yet it took down Nixon, then the unfair enforcement's been going on for at least the early 70's.

    Not even going to start on Hillary or the House IT Terrorist squad or Diane Feinstein's connections to ChiCom espionage, or the Clinton's connections or the whole stuff about Obama (why hasn't he released his college transcripts and other documents, while screaming at Trump who wants to keep his finances from the past in the past?) Nope, definitely don't want to bring up questions why Obama flew down to Miami once a month or so and only stayed a couple hours during his presidency. Or, well, the whole Hunter Biden thing that is being ignored while Trump's kids businesses are under constant court attacks.

    The rest of the memes? Excellent.

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