Memes that made me laugh 25

Harvested during the past 7 days on the Interwebs.

(For those who don’t get the above meme, see here.)

And finally: not funny at all, but absolutely true. Goodness is not defined by following laws, but by doing the right thing, regardless of what the law may say or require.  Doing the right thing may put you at risk, or make you a law-breaker.



  1. @McChuck: Yes, she did – in the concentration camp where the Nazis had sent her to die, and where malnutrition was rampant, and infectious diseases ran unchecked (and largely untreated) through those imprisoned there. She was killed just as surely as if they'd shot her.

  2. Considering how horrible that dying from malnutrition, lice, internal parasites and typhus was, shooting her would have been a mercy.

    Once the Nazis got their hands on the family, the chance of any of them coming out alive…

    Horrible. Absolutely horrible. And even more horrible that 20%ish of young people don't believe the Holocaust happened, or if they do then the Jews did something to deserve it.

    Sick. How far we've fallen.

  3. Who doesn't check for TP before they poop?!?! Is it their first time and they don't know what's needed during the "wipe" stage?

  4. Re: the Anne Frank meme;

    The people who riot and burn are breaking the law. So are the so-called Authorities who let them.

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