1. I'm scrolling, and chuckling, and suddenly I stopped… I recognized that sign! The Canal Museum is in the next town over from us. I used to drive by that sign several times a week headed for my college.

    I mean, it's not wrong about the trimming… I may have to get over there and see the current state of the sign LOL

  2. I remember a woman I knew who lived out in the country in Western Pennsylvania. Her kids were playing with an ax so, naturally, she told them to be careful because she didn't have time to drive into town. After one got too close to a back swing and got hit in the head she sewed them up with thread from her sewing kit muttering "I.told.you.I.did.not.have.time.for.this."

    We heard the story first from an ER nurse who'd seen them a few days later and who was amazed that we actually knew the family.

  3. LOVE the "military explained". However, seeing as how there is no E-6 shown and as how I was an E-6, I can only assume said 6 is either WAY ahead of the squad or back at the barracks drinking an illicit beer.

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