Memes that made me laugh 32


Gathered from the politically incoherent Internet over the past seven days.

And, not funny, but very true and worth remembering:

Perhaps our fractious, squabbling, scheming politicians should hear a similar message from all of us – and keep hearing it until they listen!  COVID Karens, I’m looking at you . . .

More next week.



  1. Why is it that NONE of these taxpayer funded Abusive Public Servants have been laid off?
    While millions of taxpaying citizens have lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes…
    Yet not a single Abusive Public Servant or any Politician has done without THEIR paycheck.
    The only thing we hear from our Political Royalty is how they MUST raise our taxes because their tax receipts are down…
    AND we all know that Politicians and Government can NEVER make do with less income…
    Only the peasants are expected to tighten their belts.

    And now we are TOLD to sit down, Shut up, and DO WHAT WE'RE TOLD by an Abusive Public Servant…

    HOT TAR, Feathers, Abusive Public Servant
    (Some assembly REQUIRED)

    MSG Grumpy

  2. While the Greenies are restricting the availability of tar, it's a petroleum product don't you know, And PETA piches a fit at the mention of us attempting to acquire a large quantity of feathers, I will note that a decent coil of half inch rope can still be had for the price of a couple of cups of fancy coffee.
    And please do honor tradition, the knot is supposed to have thirteen coils in it to be properly authentic.

  3. That one about the Wisconsin destroying an NK gun position is totally fake news.

    It was USS Duncan (DDR 874) that sent the "temper, temper" message.

  4. The story about the Wisconsin destroying an NK gun position is true, just think they got the size of the field artillery wrong. And gree with Unknown above that it was probably USS Duncan steaming in company with USS Wisconsin.

    As an old destroyer sailer, one of my favorite stories is about the USS Brinkley Bass. Whiled tied up in a nest in Sasebo Japan loading supplies. The crew as usual went on the beach and had to be back onboard by midnight.

    The next morning as all four destroyers were to leave port we were all blown away by a stunt that somebody crew had pulled. We were tied up next to the USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887).

    It appears that someone, probably fueled with beer, got a water taxie to tie up to the stern of the Brinkly Bass. They had with them a can of haze grey paint and some brushes and proceeded to paint over the the letter "B" on both first and last names of the ship. Thus when she put to sea the next morning she steamed out proudly as the USS rinkley ass.

    Thereafter, there was always someone standing fantail watch while in port.

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