Memes that made me laugh 41


Harvested from the Interwebs over the past week.

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Speaking of Ghostbusters, will the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man administer the oath of office on Wednesday?  Everything else about the ceremony will be fake, thanks to electoral fraud, so why not Hollywoodize the oath as well?



  1. My favorite is "Vlad The Inhaler"

    During the '96-'97 school year, my family hosted a Romanian exchange student. I learned about Vlad The Impaler from her. He is viewed as a hero in Romania. We have kept in touch with her and her family ever since, and attended her wedding in Barcelona in 2018.

  2. Vlad was the first European who had a grasp of psychological warfare as a force multiplier. He had been sent an ultimatum from the Ottoman Empire to provide food and safe passage for the Ottoman army through his territory as they headed on to conquer Western Europe. Knowing he could bot face them man to man, and that attempting to do so would cause the invaders to kill everyone, he decided on his now infamous plan of action.

    Think of it… miles of road, lined on both sides, with the men, and women, read camp followers, impaled on piles, and some are still alive as you pass. These were people the Ottomans knew. It was so brutal, the invaders lost all will to continue in that direction.

    That man is the largest reason Europe remained a Christian society. History would have been much different without Vlad. Sadly, the stress of ordering that broke his mind, and he was never the same, or sane, for the rest of his life.

    1. Yeah, no. Ol' Vlad was a bit bonkers from the get-go. His first impalements were Transylvanian Saxons who annoyed him, and the mass impalement that spooked Mehmed II was simply an escalation of something he already did as a matter of course.

      He might have been useful, but he was not a good man driven to do horrible things.

  3. It’s 20,000 plus now guarding all of DC. They are really scared. And one Congressman wants a fence permanently around the Capital complex. I thought fences didn’t work….

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