1. I will admit… I did in fact pee on an electric fence. I had not yet learned how to read, and the only other male in my world whom I could have observed knew better.

    My sisters, however, were not equipped with the correct plumbing fixtures but wanted to see what would happen… so they coerced their two year old brother to do so on their behalf.

    I learned much that day, one of which was to beware of female conspiracies… and to know the motives of those who are trying to convince you to do something you would not have done on your own.

    The joys of growing up on a farm.

    Thanks again Peter, for starting Monday with some laughs!

  2. The first boat I bought after getting married was a dream of mine. In discussion with the wife, she said as long as it had a head it was fine. I told her that women not could pee over the gunnels and that was God's way of saying women should not be on boats. To this day I can feel that chipped tooth.

  3. Perspective…when two reflectors turn an innocent oak tree into a monster…or when 60 plus executive orders turn a senile man into a tyrant.

  4. "Life is about finding people who are your kind of crazy"
    …and I have a long record of arrests and convictions as a result of "testing" various individuals to "see which ones are my kind and which ones are not"
    ….obviously I'm one of those men who "had to pee on the electric fence to see for myself" …..

  5. In little (pop. ~10,000) there is a liquor distributor with the simple name "Zastrow the beer man." Unimaginative? Maybe. Brilliant? Maybe. You know the name, and the business, with that.

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