1. 1. There are two other acceptable reasons for driving a Prius. One is to save money for ammunition. The other is sneaking up on people. Those things are quiet

    2. I really hope the guy who owns the car in the last one was doing that for a joke.

  2. Also, a Prius has a lot of electricity available in short bursts… just in case you want to power an energy weapon.

  3. There are lots of acceptable reasons for owning a Prius, but the main one is…

    It's **MY** damn money and I'll spend it however I please. It's nobody else's business, so butt out.

  4. #17- That's going to be expensive and I don't see any paint on the ground.
    Which means someone didn't call for a line locate or the locating company is going to be paying to relay that electric.

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