1. Those password rules… the really weird thing is, a lot of sites restrict the characters allowed in passwords, excluding even some (even most) ASCII punctuation, never mind Unicode for Norse runes, cheeseburgers, etc.

  2. That lady knew that no one would proof read her recipe so she had fun. I wish that I had thought of that a couple years back when the local paper asked me for some of my recipes.

  3. @GreggBC, the idea of using popcorn popping as a done indicator is an interesting one, unfortunately for the recipe, it pops at too high a temp and the turkey would be way overcooked.

  4. After much typing to be able to google it, Fussbodenschleifmaschinenverleih means "floor sanding machine rental shop" apparently.

    In case anyone else was curious.

  5. Love the one about the Cicada and I-75. But more to the point is that I-75 has been under construction longer than than. When I lived in Richardson TX at 5 years of age, I-75 was under construction!

  6. Regarding the potato meme, tomatoes are no slouch, either.

    Among other things, tomatoes make ketchup (except when they make catsup instead), BBQ sauce, marinara sauce, salsa and Bloody Mary mix.

  7. To Biblioteca: German translation: leave off the "shop". And your name as Bibliotek means library, in German.

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