1. It's a guy. "Miss" Nevada is a guy who (presumably) had his penis removed, and now insists he's female. Hence "near Miss/near miss"

  1. The car seat meme is pure gold. I showed it to The Ravishing Mrs. TB and she laughed out loud.

    The kid on the skateboard – I may or may not have been guilty of such insanity when I was younger…

  2. Re: Nevada meme. Every comment I typed and then deleted would probably have lost me my job and my place in society.

  3. That skateboard photo brings back memories.
    Steep suburban street, that crossed a level street, then continued into the entrance of the swimclub parking lot, with a similar slope that eventually leveled out at the far side. Big lot, several hundred parking spaces, I think.
    Evening, when the lot wasn't full, with someone stationed at the cross street for traffic warnings.
    Homemade skateboards, by my uncle. 2×4's, with trucks and wheels from street skates with metal clad wheels. Turns were typically slides, as those metal wheels didn't have much adhesion to the road. No safety gear at all. Early 60's.

  4. Shoot, I still have scars on my shoulders and elbows from taking a skateboard down a hill like that one. Of course, our idea of a skateboard was a 1 x 6 x 14 with a roller skate nailed to the bottom.


  5. The Religions of the world one I have the exact one hanging on my wall here, good for a chuckle from visitors.

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