1. And while the fact that they are Back in jail is comforting,, lets not lose sight of the absolute Insanity of the situation.. Arrest a guy for takin his own chances in life,, and release dangerous criminals for fear they might get a bug that is not Nearly as bad as we were told..
    Im lookin forward to the day when the People just straight up tell these Experts who have NO credibility to just Fukkoff.
    If this kind of power and control is allowed,, will mountain climbing, parachuting and scuba diving continue to Be Allowed?
    ALLOWED??? Yeah, allowed,, because they see themselves as Allowing us to enjoy what freedom they deem right.. And NO,, I cant name They,, SO WHAT!??

  2. New Jersey should burn.

    And, yes, I am going to use that response when someone tries to climb my ass about not wearing a mask.

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