Memorial Day


I know lots of readers come here first thing Monday morning to read the regular “Memes That Made Me Laugh” post.  That’ll be coming just after 9 a.m.:  but there’s something more important than memes, and that’s the people we commemorate today.

May the souls of our honored dead rest in God’s peace;  and may those they left behind receive what comfort they may from a grateful nation.  Even if the nation as a whole is forgetting its debt to them, we who served remember them, and we will keep their memory alive as long as we are.  May others take the torch from our hands when the time comes, and keep it aloft.



  1. Well said, and remember those who came back broken physically and mentally from serving their country, some wounds take longer to heal, and some never do.

  2. Duty, Honor, Country but is it our Country when they dishonor everything?

    Praying for the peace of God to our suffering servicemen and their families and wisdom for all of us facing the troubles ahead.

  3. BRM, I re-read H.M.S Ulyesses this month by Alistair Maclean, a fictional account of the North Atlantic convoys. Thank you for remembering those who saw no physical grave in the sea.

  4. A man can no nobler fate run to place his mortal body between us home and the war's desolation.

  5. "H.M.S Ulysses this month by Alistair Maclean"

    Been too long since I've read that book. Really gets to what drives men to fight for his comrades in war, and family at home. I think I'll reread all his books. Very moving. Hell of a writer.

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