Men getting “ripped off” – by their girlfriends!

Back in 2008 I put up a video about women’s reactions to getting a Brazilian wax for the first time.  I followed that up in 2009 with a couple of videos of men undergoing the same procedure, and later with another video of men trying it for the first time.

I’ve just come across this clip of men allowing their girlfriends to perform a Brazilian wax on them.  I should think it’s a relationship killer, but . . . well, see for yourself.

I’d say if a relationship can withstand that, it’s good to go!



  1. I only have one question…Why?

    Be you male or female…Why?

    The Good Lord make you with hair in specific spots; why rip it out by the roots? But I also don't understand tattoos or piercing the body and that includes the ears.

  2. So, she's gonna spruce up his twig and berries, eh?

    At least she'll have solid object to hold onto while she rips off the wax.

  3. Don't forget that hair serves the purpose of being a dry lubricant where there is, ahem, pressure at "areas of contact" in addition to also offering an opportunity for tactile stimulation. The absorbancy characteristics of hair also provides for retention of odors, which can be unpleasant as in underarms, or pheromones, found elsewhere, which can be not necessarily unpleasant.

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