Mesmerizing watches indeed . . .

An article in the Telegraph’s Luxury section caught my eye recently.  It dealt with Jaquet Droz watches from Switzerland, among the most prestigious brands in the business.  The article points out:

The combination of a fascinating pre-history and a relatively clear recent past … [has allowed] a distinctly non-standard approach to traditional watch complications and a priority for decoration over watchmaking technicalities, even in the most sophisticated models. By reinventing the automata of the 18th century that made the original Jaquet Droz so famous, the current incarnation of the company has acquired a unique set of skills and a very distinctive creative vision.

There’s more at the link.

Intrigued, I went to the company’s Web site to learn more.  Talk about a feast for the eyes!  Here are just a few examples of their work.

THE POCKET WATCH PAILLONNÉE:  Blue Grand Feu paillonnĂ©-enameled dial. Red gold case. Hand-winding mechanical movement.

THE RATTRAPANTE:  Black Grand Feu enameled dial. 18-carat red gold case. Self-winding mechanical movement, chronograph column wheel.

THE BIRD REPEATER:  Engraved and hand-painted mother-of-pearl, black onyx dial. Hand-engraved and hand-painted birds. 18-carat red gold case.

Lovely things, aren’t they?  I’ve no idea what they cost, but I’m absolutely sure I can’t afford one!



  1. Call me a heathen, but I don't get the point. I mean, I apprecite teh mechanical precisions, however… My Casio will keep better time, is tougher, and costs less than a Jackson, delivered. The details on those are so small that they can only be seen, let alone really appreciated, with a jewelers loupe. So other than as a "I'm so rich I can't find a more useful place to spend my money" sign (for which that are better ways IMHO)… meh.

  2. Because one can… It is wearable art; and a nod to the fact (now taken for granted) that precisely measuring time is a triumph of human ingenuity. Linking that hard science achievement with fine art? We could use more of that.

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