Misadventures with the galloping crud

Most of the North Texas Writers, Shooters and Pilots Association has been laid low by medical issues over the past ten days or so.  Four of us (first aepilotjim, then Old NFO, then yours truly, then Miss D.) have been hammered by the galloping crud that’s going around.  It’s not influenza, according to nasal swabs, just ye olde common or garden cold, but it’s a nasty dose.  I’m getting over mine, but Miss D. is just starting her week of penance.  (You know what they say about colds:  if you don’t take medicine, it lasts a week.  If you do take medicine, it lasts seven days!)

Added to that, another member of our crew needed emergency surgery this week.  The problem’s dealt with, and healing is ongoing, but it blew up out of nowhere and led to some alarums and excursions.  It’s always a scare when something like that happens.

However, we’re all more or less on the mend now.  We’ll take it easy for a week or two, and hopefully be ready to celebrate Christmas in our own ways.



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